Saint Seiya: Terumi Nishii, designer of the Knights of the Zodiac Netflix, shares a sketch of Andromeda


Published on Jan 03, 2018


Through the page Facebook of his studio, MEIRIS, Terumi Nishii, designer of the new series is from Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac for the next arrival on Netflix, has published a sketch of Shun of Andromeda.

The designer specifies that it is a fan art, so it is not to be construed as a material for the production of the next series Netflix:

アンドロメダ瞬。これはファンアートです(^o^)Andromeda.This is a fan art (^ o...

Published by studio MEIRIS on Tuesday, 2 January 2018

HERE, instead, a sketch of Shiryu recently shared on Twitter.

Terumi Nishii is also known for having characterized graphically the characters in the anime series the original Mawaru Penguindrum, and the transposition of The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Diamond is Unbreakable", as well as for his work as an animator in the key, and the director of the animation in some episodes of Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas.
He has recently worked on the remake of A stylish Girl (Mademoiselle Anne).

Yoshiharu Ashino (D. Gray-man-Hallow) directs Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac at Toei Animation on scripts put forth by Benjamin Townsend, Shannon Eric Denton, Thomas F. Zahler, Joelle Sellner, Travis Donnelly, Thomas Pugsley, Saundra Hall, Shaene Siders, and Patrick Rieger and coordinated by Eugene Son.

The design of the armor is Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai).

The first season of 12 episodes, arriving in 2018, will cover events ranging from all-out Galactic War to the saga of the Knights of Silver.

In Italy, the original manga is available in the perfect edition to Editions Star Comics; the animated series of the 80's was collected in three DVD box sets from Yamato Video – Koch Media.

Saint Seiya: Terumi Nishii, designer of the Knights of the Zodiac Netflix, shares a sketch of Andromeda is




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