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Published on Mar 08, 2020


Since the times of the myth, i.e. from the times of the NES, Saint Seiya and games have been a constant element; as well as on the home console and portable, Saint Seiya has appeared from time on mobile devices, it is enough to cite the much-loved Saint Seiya Awakening.

Now, Bandai Namco has made available for iOS and Android Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers, a video game, which, in the intentions should maintain in the gameplay tradition of Awakening.

As pointed out in the first notice that you will find in the game (which is available in 5 languages, but not yet in Italian today), it is a free-to-play, with the potential for purchases to accelerate your progress in the game.

After Aioros of Sagittarius (which, I think, for a limited period of time, will join your team) to the first access, there will be explained a bit the methods, in general, and offered a dedicated version of Pegasus Fantasy, you will find that the single player story (there is also an online mode in which you'll confront other users in the game) will show the chapters of the manga classic, in addition to the saga of Asgard, even if skips the prologue of the the Galaxian Wars: then we will have the run of the 12 houses of the Zodiac, the saga of Poseidon and Hades, in addition to the already indicated the saga of Asgard.

Keep in mind that you can start from the chapter that you want; then, if, for example, the saga of Asgard is your favorite to the armor, let's just below.

In summary, we certainly cannot complain of the wealth of references inserted this time by Bandai (as you see above have been inserted parts of the animated series) and for the roster of characters.

Another strong point is the graphics, with models in cel-shading that give back to the player a nice effect, even if the environments, in addition to that bare and without moving elements, are solved often in the internal environment (the houses of the Zodiac) or in open spaces, often anonymous.

The mechanics of the game presents, instead of fights where you can use three of the fighters at your disposal (that you get or advancing through the game or through purchase) that they will have to confront, one at a time, with an opponent more or less weak (ranging from a simple soldier of the Sanctuary to the Knight of Gold), through turns.

In reality, despite the strategic element that you would like to have introduced, the mechanics of the game are resolved in the choice of shot to be exchanged at shift (one of which is to recharge energy), and in the choose a fighter that is in the same class as their opponents, the class that you will recognize thanks to the symbol in the upper left of the image of the fighter and which guarantees a greater level of damage.

This in general, even if from character to character, some of the features changed by: Hyoga for example, because of its moves, it requires some strategy in more (not much really) than a strong character as Aioros.

To tell you the truth, this is an aspect that I have appreciated substantially, because that ensures a greater immediacy in the action, but it is also true that this choice runs the risk of dissatisfying a bit of all: those who wanted a strategic, because this item is very underestimated in this game, but also those who wanted an action/brawler meetings purely for the presence of shifts.

Between the mode, there is obviously also dedicated to the training, that we will guarantee, however also here the possibility of acquiring free items and bonuses for the game, in addition to increasing your level. A feature surely appreciated given the nature of the latest creation from Bandai.

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