Saint Seiya Origin, the illustrations for the launch of the manga


Published on Dec 18, 2018


Wednesday, December 19, 2018, the pages of issue 2 of the magazine Champione RED published by Akita Shoten will host the debut of Saint Seiya: Origin, a miniseries of two chapters, signed by the master Masami Kurumada, who goes on to unravel a piece lost of the continuity of the saga of the Knights of The Zodiac.

To follow the illustration of the cover of the magazine and the calendar of 2019, the work of the master Kurumada:

表紙&巻頭カラーで"聖闘士星矢ORIGIN"開幕! サガとカノン、宿命の双生児の隠された物語とは!? 全世界に衝撃走る!!
豪華オールカラーカレンダー付録も要チェック!! #聖闘士星矢 #チャンピオンRED

— 月刊チャンピオンRED編集部 (@M_ChampionRED) December 18, 2018

To follow, instead, the shikishi autographed by the author exclusively for people who buy the magazine at the retail chain Gamers:

【書籍】秋田書店"チャンピオンRED"2019年2月号が12月19日発売ゲマ!特典は"#聖闘士星矢 ORIGIN"の"オリジナルブロマイド"ゲマ!聖闘士の伝説が再び開幕!小宇宙を燃やすゲマ~!

— ゲマ【株式会社ゲーマーズ】 (@gamers_no_gema) December 17, 2018

Saint Seiya Origin follows the path of the previous mini-series Saint Seiya Episode Zero, the output between the December 2017 and February 2018, and will consist of two chapters focused on the fate of the dramatic brothers, rivals Saga and Canon of Gemini.

The second and last chapter will be published in the issue 3 of the Champion RED on sale from January 19, 2019.

Remember that the same magazine also features manga Knights of the Zodiac – Saintia Sho – The Holy Warriors of Athena, the volume of which 12 will be available from 20 December in Japan and the anime is streaming on Crunchyroll Italy, and the Knights of The Zodiac – Episode G Assassin, the volume of which 13 will also be on sale from 20 December.

Both series are published by Planet Manga in Italy.

Saint Seiya Origin, the illustrations for the launch of the manga is




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