Saint Seiya Origin, the first images of the manga


Published on Nov 28, 2018


The official web site of the studio of the master, Masami Kurumada has posted some preview pages of Saint Seiya Origin, the new miniseries about the Knights of The Zodiac.

The manga will follow the furrow of the previous mini-series Saint Seiya Episode Zero, the output between the December 2017 and February 2018, and will consist of two chapters focused on the fate of the dramatic brothers, rivals Saga and Canon of Gemini.

The following two chapters, written and drawn by the master Kurumada, will be published on the numbers 2 and 3 of the monthly magazine Champion RED published by Akita Shoten, respectively, in selling the 19 December 2018 and 19 January 2019.

In our Country, the historical series of the 80's by Masami Kurumada was published first by Granata Press and then by Edizioni Star Comics; the sequel of canon law, Saint Seiya Next Dimension (at the time of the break in Japan) is on course for J-POP, while the spin-off are published by Planet Manga.

The souls are published by Yamato Video and Koch Media.

Source: Kurumada Pro

Saint Seiya Origin, the first images of the manga is




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