Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac Deckbuilding board game in Italy by 3 Emme Games


Published on Aug 06, 2019


3 Emme Games will publish the Italian edition of the board game Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac Deckbuilding, where up to 5 players will be able to trace the narrative arc of the Great Temple of the original work of the master, Masami Kurumada.

The release is expected between September and October at the recommended price of 34,90 Euro.

Following the description published in the August issue 2019 Catalog Manicomix:

Thanks to Saint Seiya – Deckbuilding, you'll have the opportunity to deal with the crossing of the Twelve Houses to be able to save the incarnation of the goddess Athena, lady Isabel (Saori), hit by a golden arrow because of the macabre machinations of the high Priest of the Temple.

In the holy garments of one of the 5 Knights of the Zodiac bronze, Pegasus (Seiya), Cristal (Hyoga), Sirius (Shiryu), Pheonix (Ikki) or Andromeda (Shun), you'll have to fight the various knights of bronze, silver and gold that you will encounter on your journey, infinity sword, or by having them join your cause to increase your power.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your deck with new and unstoppable techniques to use against the enemies that will confront you during your adrenaline-filled adventure.

Who will defeat the Great Priest, and to save the life of your beloved goddess? Only one of you will be proclaimed the winner and get the golden armor!

Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac Deckbuilding board game in Italy by 3 Emme Games is




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