Sailor Moon, the editor of the manga talks about the animated series of the 90's (and not only)


Published on Jul 04, 2019


Fumio Dare (known as Osabu), editor of the manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, has released an interview to the web site specializes in japanese Comic Natalie, during which he spoke about the production of the animated series from the manga of Naoko Takeuchi.

The animated series of 1992 was approved when the manga had just begun, for this was asked to the production of the anime, not to exceed the manga; in the initial plans, the first 20 episodes of the animated series would have had to tell the adventures of Usagi alone, unlike the manga where in the beginning you are presented with a new fighter every chapter.

The schedule, however, did not go as expected: “Toei required to show Ami and Rei in the opening, so as to increase the popularity. And when the first episode aired, there were rumors that the other girls would have appeared. Toei and tv networks, so they decided to change the initial plans to satisfy the viewers, so Ami appeared in episode 8 [in the manga, it was shown in chapter 2], while Rei in episode 10 [in the manga, we meet her in chapter 3]. Without realizing it, the anime reached the manga.”

Dare has revealed that the animated series was not initially deemed a success because you sold a lot of toys, something that could threaten the continuation of the manga “The manga was a success right from the start of the serialization. The first print run of volume 1 was 500 thousand copies, and without realizing it had printed over a million copies. It had become a social phenomenon, and then never spoken of, even to the end. But the anime initially didn't sell many toys. At that time the souls that were not able to sell toys usually were deleted, and if this had happened the manga would be able to having to conclude.”

Speaking of the recent digital edition of the manga, as provided in 10 languages (Italian included), Dare said that we are working from 2013, but wanted to wait and coordinate with exit international.

Dare he concluded the interview by stating that there will be new developments for the franchise in the future in addition to the film in two parts, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal in the year 2020.

Sailor Moon, the editor of the manga talks about the animated series of the 90's (and not only) is




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