Safety behind the wheel, for the Europe the italians are the most reckless

Published on Apr 21, 2017

The italians? For the rest of Europe are the drivers more reckless: phone calls without hands-free kit, send text messages and forget the safety belts, but on the subject of road mortality are the most optimistic of the Old Continent Safety behind the wheel, for the Europe the italians are the most reckless. It detects the Barometer of the Foundation VINCI Autoroutes for responsible leadership, an extensive survey that compares the behavior of motorists in eleven countries of the European Union. The research, launched four years ago by the Foundation at european level and conducted by Ipsos, track an overview of driving behaviour and to their evolution over time. 27% of respondents believe that the italians are the drivers less responsible, followed by the greeks (18%), Polish (16%) and by the French, to the fourth place ex-aequo with the Spanish (8%). The swedes are considered by the european “colleagues” the best drivers: 38% believe that they are the most responsible in the Old Continent, followed by the germans, the Dutch and the british. Sms, phone, arrows, and safety belts: evil italians. From the research that aims to identify the dangerous behavior and good practices, thus contributing to orient the messages of prevention in each Country, emerge as the widespread use of connected devices while driving seems to contradict the awareness on the risks of inattention. 32% of the italians, for example, writes or reads email and sms to the guide, compared to 24% of europeans and 40% of your call without the speakerphone (32% in Europe). And yet the inattention is now identified by europeans as the main cause of fatal accidents: 57% (+5 points) considers such, an increase in reported markedly in Italy (68%, + 13 points) which is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At the same time, many of the rules of elementary security are not well met by the majority of drivers in europe: 60% of italians forget to put the arrow before overtake or turn (55% in Europe) and 31% (vs. 21) forget you even fasten your seatbelt. Dangerous behavior are always from the other. With regard to the driving habits, the europeans are very critical of their compatriots, but they are much more benevolent in the assessment of their own driving and are believed to be especially attentive (74% and up to 80% in Italy). The 54% of europeans and 65% of italians, acknowledges that he happens to insult other drivers: 54% of italians (46% of europeans) admits that he sometimes used the horn in an inappropriate manner, and the 25% (vs. 15) descends sometimes from the car to argue with another driver. Road mortality, the optimism of the Italian resists the pessimism of europeans. Although the European Commission's objective is to be able to halve the number of deaths on the roads between 2010 and 2020, in the last six years, the road mortality in Europe has declined by only 19%. In 2017, more than half of europeans (51%) believes that it will be difficult to significantly reduce the number of road deaths; the hope of a decrease in the number of deaths in the next few years has decreased in Spain (-9 points) and Poland (-8 points): on the contrary, the confidence of the italians (+5 points) increased in 2017 and has reached 57%. Sleepiness at the wheel: the Italian good practices. Problems related to sleepiness at the wheel, instead, the italians are among the best of the Old Continent: 40% (compared to 38% of europeans) believed that drowsiness is one of the main causes of fatal accidents on the highway. Only 31% (against 36% in europe) admits to getting behind the wheel even if very tired, nap when the path is practiced by 72% of italians (60% in Europe); 88% of motorists, local, also, program the departure for the holidays, taking into account the state of fatigue expected (84% in Europe). In this regard, on the occasion of the next bridges, the Fonzazione VINCI Autorutes to drive responsibly, remember some simple tips to limit the risks of drowsiness at the wheel, the first cause of fatal accidents on the highway, sleep overnight on the eve of departure: avoid to leave in the night (between 22 and 6); take breaks at regular intervals throughout the ride, as a minimum, every two hours: at the first signs of fatigue, stop on a service area and take a nap; and, finally, please do not hesitate to share the driving.

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