Safari and iOS are leaders in the american market


Published on Aug 07, 2018


A new statistical survey of overseas confirms that that is a true undisputed leadership of Apple and their iOS platform.

Specifically, the new report of the analysts of MixPanel, based on a statistical survey conducted in the United States, has revealed the latest trends with regard to web browsing and operating systems.

The emerging data from this statistic is a landslide victory of the iOS, which has beaten with ease Android with a net 65.5 percent of preference of the americans; and the mobile operating system of Google took still a slice definitely important that is the 34,46%; in some states, such as Alaska and Connecticut, the share in the hands of Apple has surpassed 75%.

In the statement issued on the sidelines of the statistical law:

In some states, the use of iOS is very high ā€“ about three-quarters or more of the population uses the Apple operating system ā€“ including: Alaska (77,88% iOS against 22,12% Android), Connecticut (76,94% against 23,06%) and Rhode Island (75,50% against 24,5%). Even New York city (of 72.57% against 27,43%) and California (66,72% against 33,28%) showed encouraging data.

In the light of these data it follows that the Safari holds the scepter of the most-used browser in the United States, with a dry 58,06% preference on the part of the users interviewed; Google Chrome has registered 32,48%, while Facebook is in third place, with lā€™8,82% of mobile traffic is generated through the in-app browser.

New data that do not, therefore, that confirmation of the strength and solidity of Cupertino within the mobile market the american.


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