Sabrina Salerno: “The Phase 2? We are the joke of the world”


Published on Apr 30, 2020


Sabrina Salerno in quarantine has decided to publish the stories on his profile on Instagram to criticize harshly the government on decisions for the management of Phase 2 of the emergency Coronavirus. The premier Giuseppe Conte, in fact, has announced that hairdressers, beauticians, pubs and shops will remain closed for some weeks, and the diva is not in agreement.

“If they were to respect the safety distances, the masks, had sanitized the environment and did everything that they make in a company with 300 people, making it enter one person at a time or two at a time, why open the first of June? I do not understand this,” said Salerno, who has also of VAT and self-employed workers “those who have received these 600 million Euros have been truly miraculous, but for the most part has not received a dry fig,” said Salerno, and then add, in no uncertain terms, that “we are the joke of the world”.

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The showgirl last February he took part in the Sanremo Festival, conducted by Amadeus and Fiorello, for two evenings, including the final in which she appeared with her hit song Boys (Summertime Love), strong piece of Italian music of the’80s.

Already on the occasion of the Festival, Sabrina had enchanted the public for its perfect physical form. During the quarantine, some of the shots she shared on her page Instagram have pointed out even more how the singer is kept young and sensual over the years.

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During quarantine, the showgirl was also ended at the center of controversy for a post shared on Instagram, in which ironically and winking asked to followers: “Tonight I am hesitant... with which of the three I should go to bed? Minias... Lexotan or Xanax???”. Many users have appreciated the joke of Sabrina, because these three drugs are very strong, not to be taken lightly and you are also worried about his state of health.

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