Sabrina Salerno on Instagram: “With whom should I go to bed...?”


Published on Apr 23, 2020


The showgirl makes irony about his sleep problems in quarantine, but the fans did not take it well...

Sabrina Salerno is always very present on its Social Network, it takes a lot to his fans and his image. In this period, is sharing how to pass the days in the quarantine. In fact, we see her struggling with the stove, to put in place home and wear the new clothes that arrive to it by some friends, but not only.. Just in these days has spoken of the problems of sleep that afflict it in this period really special. But the way in which shared what is quite provocative..

After that he made his appearance in Sanremo as a presenter, the fans have increased even more and they are always more fascinated by the showgirls. But no one is perfect, and especially now, the most influential characters tend to be in the clothes everyday, the more simple and natural looks, sharing problems common to all. In short, each of us is in the same situation as uncomfortable, and even Sabrina has given the first signs of failure by talking of his problems with sleep.

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Sabrina Salerno has published on Instagram a real post spicy, given that the see you to bed in underwear for the night. Under the photo asking who should go to bed and then provide three “options” is funny. “Tonight I am hesitant... with which of the three I should go to bed? Minias... Lexotan or Xanax???”. Writes Sabrina ironically.

Tonight I'm undecided... which of the three I should go to bed ? Minias ... Lexotan or Xanax???

A post shared by SABRINA SALERNO OFFICIAL (@sabrinasalernofficial) on Apr 20, 2020 at 12:08pm PDT

Remember, however, that the woman is super in love with since 2006 she is married with Enrico Monti, which is why this message, which seemed to open some possibility of “conquest” on the part of the fans, however, should be turned off in the bud. Their marriage is very stable. It was just a simple joke!

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The question, however, is not liked very much the follower, as the three drugs that appointment are very strong and can have contra-indications if taken without the support of the doctor. In many, the users who have advised to have recourse to natural methods, others are concerned about the state of his health. In any case, it seems that the showgirl has listened to the advice, so much so that in a release posted just yesterday, has written:”Goodnight, with chamomile and valerian”.

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