Sabrina Salerno courted by a famous 21-year-old: “I'm upset”


Published on May 12, 2020


Sabrina Salerno, 52 years, is a timeless beauty. The dream of many in the years ’80, we know, but the showgirl continues to enchant even the young people of today. In fact, it seems that the Salerno and becomes the obsession of a world-famous 21-year-old.

Rai Radio 2, the Salerno has told the story of the last period, and as she passed the quarantine. Is dedicated to the social, as all of the rest, taking some selfie and doing the direct to interact with fans. He then revealed that a mysterious suitor young.

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The Salerno has in fact told to the microphones de The moody blues that a boy of 21 years, is famous all over the world, and the boyfriend of a model, has courted on social. “I'm upset,” said the star of the ’80s.

“Those who exaggerate, and I write strange things on the block. This quarantine should have given a little bit at the head of some people,” says Salerno. Even reveals wow: “There are people who are believed to be married with me, they treat me as if I were his wife”.

Then he spoke better of the guy of 21 years: “I've a famous character in the world of 21 years boyfriend with a model that he has tried on social. I was shocked. I don't understand how a guy 21 years so famous took almost an obsession for me.”

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The singer also said that it was not easy to manage these with the music online: “I Cried often, I saw black, I have had days just black, my husband, my son, I have been very helpful”. A Sabrina Salerno upset that confirms the love for her husband, Enrico Monti. “I'm almost 28 years with my husband, we live together, in these two months I have been very happy to have him home.”

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