Ryan Reynolds reveals the sex of the second baby


Published on Nov 03, 2016


Photo: © Gilbert Flores/kikapress

A little more than a month after the birth of her second child, Ryan Reynolds reveals, by mistake, the sex of the baby.

Host of the show “Conan“, the star of hollywood films is to miss a detail that certainly did not go unnoticed to the public at large:

“Managing two children is really difficult. Yes, too much estrogen.” has revealed to be the Green Lantern of the big screen, leaving you in tend that his house is populated women.

Ironic the comment social of the star of “Gossip Girl,” which, judging from his last post on Instagram, seems to have forgiven her husband for the oversight:

“Tonight, Ryan is hunted in trouble,” wrote Blake, amused, “However, not only is back at home with my true love, the biscuits in the bakery Band, but he also heated personally for me and added a cup of milk with ice.”

Girl, bis, therefore, for the two actors, but at the time did not want to reveal the name. Who knows if, even at this time, the choice is relapse on a name, typically a boy, as in the case of the little James.




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