Ryan Ottley (Invincible, The Amazing Spider-Man) Romics d'oro XXV edition


Published on Mar 05, 2019


In collaboration with saldaPress, Romics has announced the new author will be awarded the prestigious Romics Gold at the XXV°edition: this is Ryan Ottley, artist of Invincible (series prosthetics created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker) and The Amazing Spider, available for meetings with the audience during all four days of the fair, at the stand of the publishing house.

Ryan Ottley is one of the designers, the most important of the comic in contemporary american. It is especially known for his work on the Invincible, and, recently, for The Amazing Spider-Man. Electrocuted to 15 years from an issue of Amazing Spiderman drawn by Todd McFarland, given to him by his cousin, Bryan, Ryan Ottley, he knew immediately that this was the path I wanted to take.

After his debut as a designer (and co-creator) of the web-strip Bicycle Delivery Boy, came into contact with Robert Kirkman, “the father” of the saga cult The Walking Dead. Ottley draws the first five issues of Haunt (series prosthetics of Image Comics, created by Kirkman and Todd McFarlane) and then passes it on to the drawing of the regular series of Invincible. .

After 13 years of huge success, thanks to Invincible, Ottley and Kirkman decide to close the series protagonist Mark Grayson. Planning to the long narrative arc and final in 2018, is published in the USA, the twenty-fifth and last volume of the series, published in Italy by saldaPress at the end of 2018. The monthly edition of the Italian end, in fact, to January, 2020: the final chapter of the saga will be celebrated with the edition variant of the number 64, the monthly Invincible, presented in exclusive right to Romics and dedicated to his presence in Rome.

Ottley is also the creator, writer and illustrator of the mad graphic novel titled Grizzlyshark, became in a short time, the comics of cult in the USA and in Italy. Everything revolves around sharks, Grizzly. Sharks, unlike the known ones, live in the woods and will attack anyone bleed. Grizzlyshark is something very different than Invincible, the style of Ottley, in this series it becomes extreme, more cartoonish, and absolutely distant from all realism, an aspect that is very present in Invincible. AncheGrizzlyshark is now a worldwide success.

Ryan Ottley (Invincible, The Amazing Spider-Man) Romics d'oro XXV° edition of




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