RW Lion: the outputs of the September 14, 2019


Published on Sep 11, 2019


Like every week, we bring you all of the outputs RW Lion and Vertigo from the September 14, 2019: continue BATMAN, SUPERMAN, HEROES IN CRISIS, and GREEN LANTERN.

BATMAN #65 JUMBO (178) (contains Batman 64, Detective Comics 997, Nightwing 55, Batman Hidden Treasures 1 ) Joshua Williamson, Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Ron Marz, Guillem March, Doug Mahnke, Chris Mooneyham, Garry Brown, Bernie Wrightson 16,8×25,6, S, 96 pp, col. € 5,50

The two greatest detective of the DC universe will be investigating a case that threatens to shatter their relationship in the course of THE PRICE, a crossover in four parts that connects to the saga of HEROES IN the CRISIS. Continue on the FLASH No. 65! In the meantime, the Dark Knight is once again struggling with the terrible Hugo Strange and Dick Grayson, while seeking to live a normal life, has to deal with the consequences of a theft that could put in danger the inhabitants of Bludhaven. And inside continue the inserts monthly dedicated to the greatest authors that have worked on BATMAN, to celebrate the eighty years of the Dark Knight. This time is the turn of Bernie Wrightson, the master of the macabre, with a particular illustrated tale where Batman will have to deal with Solomon Grundy!

SUPERMAN #65 (180) (contains Superman 8, Wonder Woman # 63, Supergirl 25)
Brian Michael Bendis, G. Willow Wilson, Marc Andreyko, Dan Jurgens, Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson, Emanuela Lupacchino, Brad Walker, Tom Derenick
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col. € 4,50

Continues the story of Superboy on his adventures in space with his grandfather, Jor-El, and Superman could not appreciate much of what feel! Continues the epic basted by Brian Bendis! In addition, Diana will have to deal with the refugees of Themyscira, but there is a small problem: they are mythological creatures sentient! Finally: Supergirl among the ruins of Krypton!

GREEN LANTERN #5 (134) (contains The Green Lantern 5, Justice League Odyssey 4, Hawkman 6) Grant Morrison, Joshua Williamson, Robert Venditti, Liam Sharp, Philippe Briones, Bryan Hitch 16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col. € 4,50

Hal Jordan has left the Green Lantern corps to join the Black Stars, but he will pass the test of initiation? In the meantime, the new Justice League cosmic is going to go on a planet where they worship a Cyborg, Hawkman, flanked by Atom, continues his amazing adventure in the Micro-To!

HEROES IN CRISIS 3 (Contains Heroes in Crisis 5-6) Tom King, Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads 16,8×25,6, S, 48 pp, col. € 4,50

The secrets of the DC universe have been hacked. The existence of the Shelter was revealed to the world, and the torments of the psychological of superheroes circulate freely on the internet. Booster and Harley set aside their “differences” to find out who is the responsible of the massacre at the Shelter, while the Flash and Batman continue to investigate. The series is the most shocking of the year, continues unabated!

DC ABSOLUTE BATMAN/FLASH: THE BROOCH (contains DC Universe Rebirth Special The Deluxe Edition, Batman 21-22, Flash 21-22) Tom King, Joshua Williamson, Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, Howard Porter, Gary Frank, Ivan Reis 21,2 x 32, C, 120 pp, col. € 26,95

The prequel to the DOOMSDAY CLOCK, starring the Flash and Batman, in a sensational edition of the Absolute in conjunction with the release of the series that will change the DC universe! During the events of the special REBIRTH, the Dark Knight has found a strange brooch, bloodied, hidden inside his bat-cave. The analyses confirm that is not of this universe. Where is it coming from? The one who left it there? Only Flash can help Batman solve this mystery, and when the Anti-Flash steals the brooch, the two heroes must make a perilous journey between alternate realities to retrieve the object and reveal what it hides!


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