RW Lion, the outputs of the January 2019: the return Year One, the miniseries “a Wedding Invitation”


Published on Oct 15, 2018


Directly from MEGA 256, we bring you all of the outputs RW Lion, Vertigo (Planeta DeAgostini and Lineachiara set for next December:

(contains Batman 7-12, Batman Annual # 1) Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Greg Capullo, Rafael Albuquerque, Jason Fabok, Jonathan Glapion
16,5×25,2, B+al, col., 368 pp9788829300761

DC GOLD is a new series from the library, which exhibits, in full-bodied volume integrals, the sagas most important and recent of the major characters of the DC universe. We begin with Batman and the long adventure orchestrated by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, that's what made the Dark Knight facing a threat from the past of Gotham City: the Court of Owls!

(contains DC Universe by Alan Moore HC) by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Klaus Janson, Kevin O'neill, Curt Swan, Travis Charest, Jim Baikie, Rio 16,8X25,6, C+ to classify them, 468 pp, col. 9788829300884
€ 44,50

In the series THE GREAT MASTERS comes the most important writer of the last decades: Alan Moore! In n volume of prestige, finally gathered the rare, the precious and seminal stories made for the DC and WildStorm: from the masterpieces dedicated to Superman, short adventures set in the world of the Green Lanterns that gave a cue to the following for stories such as the NIGHT MORE PROFOUND, the miniseries devoted to Voodoo and Deathblow. Immerse yourselves in the mind of Alan Moore!

(contains Batman – Masque Batman – The Order of Beasts, Batman Chronicles 11, 21) by Mike Grell, Eddie Campbell, Paul Pope, Brian Michael Bendis, John Francis Moore, Michael Gaydos, Kieron Dweyer 16,8X25,6, C, 160 pp, col. 9788829300815 € 18,95

A new volume dedicated to the best stories, “alternatives” of Batman. Some of the most important authors in the USA take up the challenge of adventure where the Dark Knight is facing the Phantom of the Opera in a Gotham of the nineteenth century, a secretive sect in England devastated by the World War, the crimes perpetrated in the Berlin of 1939, or to be the private detective who, in the Forties, must solve the mystery of a woman cat. Batman declined in all the possibilities the space-time thanks to the imagination of writers such as Brian Michael Bendis (SUPERMAN), Paul Pope (BATMAN 100) and Mike Grell (GREEN ARROW).

(contains Batman: The Gates of Gotham 1-5, Detective
Comics Annual 12, Batman Annual 28) Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Trevor McCarthy, Andres
Guinaldo, Lorenzo Ruggiero And 18.0×27,6, C, 160 pp, col. 9788829300808 € 23,50

When a mystery as old as the same Gotham City is revealed, Batman gathers his best allies to try to solve it, only to find themselves on a journey that will lead him to explore the history of the city and to investigate the most important families of Gotham, including Wayne. What they will discover will have repercussions in the future of the Dark Knight and his city. Finally, in the deluxe version of the miniseries that has blown up the talent of Scott Snyder and has put the seeds for the birth of one of the worst threats ever faced by the Dark Knight: the Court of Owls!

(contains Batman: Prelude to the Wedding – Robin vs Ra's Al Ghul, Batman: the Prelude to the Wedding – Nightwing vs Hush, Batman: the Prelude to the Wedding – Batgirl vs. the Riddler, Batman: the Prelude to the Wedding – Red Hood vs Anarky, Batman: the Prelude to the Wedding – Harley Quinn vs the Joker DC Nation 0, 2) Tim Seeley, Tom King, Clay Mann, Brad Walker, Travis Moore, Minjyu Jung, Javier Fernandez, Sami Basri 16,8X25,6, B, 144 pp, col. 9788829300822
€ 13,95

Gotham City the bells ring in the wedding... and the underworld of the city has the intention of making them stop! After that the Joker has found out about the upcoming marriage between Batman and Catwoman, the worst enemies of the Dark Knight plot because their nemesis is not crowning his dream of love. But Ra's Al Ghul, Hush, Riddler, Anarky and the Joker will not have an easy life in achieving their goal, because Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin and Harley Quinn are there to prevent it!

(contains Batman 443-457, Detective Comics 615) Marv Wolfman, Peter Milligan, Alan Grant, Jim Aparo, Denys Cowan, Norm Breyfogle 16,5X25,2, B, 372 pp, col. 9788829300938
€ 32,50

A new series in the chronological get to replace DC Classic! Big volumes, which will collect complete vintages of the BATMAN series, DETECTIVE COMICS, SUPERMAN AND ACTION COMICS. Let's start with the amazing 1990 BATMAN, with the adventures as “When the Earth dies”, “The Affair Penguin” and now classihe “Dark Knight, City of Dark” by Peter Milligan and “Identity Crisis”, with the official debut of the new Robin: Tim Drake!

(contains Superman The Man of Steel 133, Superman 185, 189, Adventures of Superman 611, and Action Comics 798) Geoff Johns, Pascual Ferry, Tom Derenick, Dwayne
Turner, Brent Anderson, 16,8X25,6, B+al, 120 pp, col.
9788829300860 € 13,95

A classic of Superman, created by Geoff Johns before his long run on the character, finally in volume! Clark Kent finds himself frequenting the slums of Washington, to the search for Lana Lang, who mysteriously disappeared after responding to a help request. And the reporter of the Metropolis becomes more and more aware that perhaps it is not a job for Superman! A story that explores the poverty of the sundry quarters of the city, with guests of honor like Batman and Power Girl!

BATMAN 49 (162)
(contains Batman 48 Detective Comics 983, Nightwing 45) Tom King, Bryan Hill, Benjamin Percy, Mikel Janin, Miguel Mendonça, Klaus Janson, Chris Mooneyham 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 978882930119 € 3,95

The marriage of Batman and Catwoman is approaching with big steps... but what would happen if the Joker decides to kidnap the Dark Knight? In the meantime, the writer BRYAN HILL lands on Detective Comics and, accompanied by the artist MIGUEL MENDONÇA, will tell US about the business of Bat and its allies. From this number, Bruce Wayne will have a new helper in the fight against crime.... LIGHTNING BLACK! Finally, Nightwing is investigating a series of crimes that push you to better understand the digital world of Bludhaven.

BATMAN 50 (163)
(contains Batman 49, Detective Comics, 984, Nightwing 46) Tom King, Bryan Hill, Benjamin Percy, Mikel Janin, Miguel Mendonça, Klaus Janson, Chris Mooneyham 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301126 € 3,95

Catwoman against the Joker! Batman is at the mercy of the evil Clown of Gotham City and now it's up to Cat to save it. In the meantime, the Dark Knight must figure out which role to entrust to Lightning Black on the inside of his team, Nightwing, and prostrate himself from the battle, very difficult to Bludhaven, she decided to turn to his closest friend: Batgirl!

SUPERMAN 49 (164)
(contains The Man of Steel 3-4, the New Super-Man and the Justice League of China (24) of the Brian Michael Bendis, Gene Luen Yang, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Jason Fabok, Brent Peeples 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301140 € 4,50

The worst opponent Superman has ever faced has come to Earth in search of the last kryptonian left alive, and only Kal-El and Supergirl can to try and stop him. But where are Jon and Lois? And what is the mystery behind the fires that have destroyed Metropolis? Goes live the introduction of image comics, with Batman and Green Lantern as special guests! In the appendix: the final for the New Super-Man!

SUPERMAN 50 (165)
(contains The Man of Steel 5-6, Action Comics, Special 1) Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Russell, Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok, Jill Thompson, 16,8X25,6, S. 72 pp, col. 9788829301157
€ 4,50

We are celebrating the fiftieth issue of our fortnightly with the grand finale of the miniseries THE MAN OF STEEL, which marks the debut of Brian Bendis! Will Superman defeat Rogol Zaar? What dire consequences will this clash? And what happened to Lois Lane and Jon Kent? All this and much more in a number that also features a short story starring Lex Luthor!

FLASH 49 (105)
(contains Flash 48, Aquaman 37, Mera Queen of Atlantis 5) Joshua Williamson, Dan Abnett, Howard Porter, Riccardo Federici, Lan Medina, 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301195 € 4,50

“Flash War”, the second part! Wally West has lost the most precious thing they had, and only Barry Allen can stop him! Continues the saga that you did not know even be waiting! Also Aquaman will have to face with the monstrous king of Atlantis and the return of Mera in Xebel, together with the Lord of the Ocean will lead to a battle unexpected.

FLASH 50 (106)
(contains Flash 49, Green Arrow 41, Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands 6) Joshua Williamson, Mairghread Scott, Tony Isabella, Howard Porter, Matthew Clark, Clayton Henry, Yvel Guichet 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301201 € 4,50

We are celebrating the fiftieth issue of our fortnightly with the third and penultimate part of the saga that has put the one against the other the two main speedsters in the DC Universe. Who will emerge the winner between Wally West and Barry Allen? Also begins a claustrophobic story of Green Arrow in two parts, written by Mairghread Scott, and conclude the adventures of Lightning Black.





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