RW Lion: the outputs of the February 29, 2020


Published on Feb 28, 2020


Through his official website, RW Editions has released the anticipated outputs for this week.

Batman Saga #4
Batman dies at dawn
(Contains Batman 673-676, DC Universe 0) Grant Morrison, Tony Daniel, Ryan Benjamin
16×21, B, 96 pp, col.
€ 4,95

Batman stands between life and death, a state in which one is living in hallucinations and visions on old cases and experiences of his past. It will be during one of these hallucinations that will understand the connection between the experiments in the isolation chamber of dr. Hurt, and the appearance of the three Batman and haunt him!

(contains Batman 16-20, 23-24, Batman Annual 1) T. King, M. Janin, M. Gerads
16.8×25.6 C, 176 pp
€ 15,50

It's called the Bane. Batman has invaded his stronghold, and broken in mind and body. Now it's back to Gotham City with only one goal: to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all, starting with whoever is close. Batman will need the help of anyone to fight this battle: the young heroes who have worn the mantle of Robin, the cops, its allies, but also the piscopatici and the monsters that live in the cells of the Asylum Arkham. Continue the collection volume of the amazing run of Tom King on BATMAN, with a new volume to add tiles to the complicated puzzle that the american screenwriter is building.

(contains Batman 25-32), Tom King, Mikel Janin, June Chung, Clay Mann
16.8×25.6 C, 192 pp
€ 16,95

The Dark Knight tells the story of Catwoman the moment when Gotham City created two factions, with every criminal deployed from the part of the Joker or the Riddler in a war that devastated the city. One of the darkest chapters of the career of Batman and of the metropolis in which he lives, which has left scars in the families helpless, in the inhabitants, upset, and... in the soul of the Crusader Cowl. One of the highest moments of the incredible cycle of Tom King on BATMAN finally volume!

Vertigo Classic
(Contains Six Days: The Incredible True Story of D-Day's Lost Chapter)
Robert Venditti, Kevin Maurer, Andrea Mutti
16,5×25,2, B+al, 136 pp, col.
€ 16,95

June 1944. The Second World War. The D-Day. 182 members of the Ottantaduesima Airborne Division american parachute into the French countryside, more than eighteen miles from the target, and inside the enemy lines! SIX DAYS is the true story of the battle which took place near the small village of Graignes, France, and of the people survived to tell it. A story of humanity struggling with the drama and the violence of war, made by the talented Andrea Mutti!

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