RW Lion: the outputs of the February 2019 – begin Doomsday Clock and Batman: Damned


Published on Nov 20, 2018


Directly from MEGA 257, we bring you all of the outputs RW Lion, Vertigo (Planeta DeAgostini and Lineachiara planned for February. We report the debut of BATMAN: the DAMNED and the beginning of the DOOMSDAY CLOCK, a crossover between the DC and the Watchmen.

DC BLACK LABEL BATMAN: DAMNED 1 (contains Batman: Damned 1) by Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo
16,8×25,6, B, 48 pp, col. € 7.95

The new label DC BLACK LABEL also debuted in Italy with his first publication, unpublished! Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo go back to work on the Dark Knight with a story that is already entered in the history of american comics! A history of horror and the supernatural that begins with... the Joker's dead!!! But who was it? Batman? Some dark force that lurks in Gotham? The Dark Knight (can't remember what happened, and tries to clarify it, the more he doubts what his mind makes him see. The only one who can help him is John Constantine! The odd couple penetrates in the criminal underworld of Gotham in a race against time to discover the truth about who killed the worst enemy of Batman!

(contains Aquaman 7-13) Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado 16,5×25,2, B+al, col., 300 pp, € 26.50

Geoff Johns (JUSTICE LEAGUE, GREEN LANTERN) and Ivan Reis (GREEN LANTERN), revolutionizing the king of the seas, and they bring it right among the greatest heroes in DC. One of the best comics of the new DC universe!The ferocious fight against the mysterious underwater creatures coming from the Pit that threaten the Earth is only the beginning of an adventure that will bring Aquaman to reunite with his old allies, The Others, to discover who destroyed Atlantis!

WORKS GREAT DC SUPERMAN: END OF the CENTURY (contains Superman: End of the Century GN) Stuart Immonen, Jose Marzan jr. 16,8X25,6, C, 96 pp, col. 9788829300877 € 15,95

At the dawn of the Third millennium, the ex-wife of lex Luthor returns to Metropolis to regain his daughter. But the Contessa del Portenza has with him an ace in the sleeve against which only Superman can do something. A graphic novel that takes place between the past and the present, where the power and compassion of the Man of Steel will be the elements needed to resolve the situation. The great cartoonist Stuart Immonen has created a small masterpiece of the narrative and artistic that will fascinate all readers!

DC OMNIBUS FOURTH WORLD OF JACK KIRBY 04 REISSUE (contains Mister Miracle 10-18, Forever People 11, New Gods 11, New Gods vol. 26, DC Graphic Novel 4) Jack Kirby 16.8×25,6, C, col., 432 pp 9788833048758 € 54,50

In the ’70s, Jack Kirby (X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk) shook the entire comic book industry by leaving Marvel Comics to go to the competition. What the “King” brought to DC Comics was an explosive new world, with new characters, a new mythology. And for the first time, he was a designer, writer, and editor of his incredible work! Now, for the first time, the entire saga of the “Fourth World” by Jack Kirby is complete, in chronological order, and it's entirely in color! This fourth and final volume includes the original creations of Kirby, The New Gods, The Forever People and Mister Miracle, along with the final chapter of the saga, “Hungry Dogs”! You will also find cards of the characters, an introduction by Paul Levitz and an afterword by Mark Evanier.

DC OMNIBUS STARMAN OMNIBUS VOL. 6 (contains Starman 61-81) James Robinson, Peter Sejbjerg
16,8×25,6, C, 544 pp, col. € 74.95

Jack Knight, Starman, returns to Opal City after his adventure in space, and the shadow re-committed to the crime. In addition, several of his friends seem to have mysteriously disappeared. Before Jack could start to investigate, attends to her worst nightmare made reality: his beloved city burning to the foundations! Explodes with chaos and criminals of the area strike as a single man, bringing Starman to the limit of the forces. Then Jack must unravel the mystery of the Starman of 1951... going back in time to meet him in a historic face-to-face! The legacy of each individual that will never be called Starman, past and future, proves to be connected to that of all other, in this final volume of the saga of Starman!

DC DELUXE MULTIVERSITY (contains The Multiversity 1-2, The Multiversity: The Society of Superheroes 1, The Multiversity: The Just 1, The Multiversity: Pax Americana 1, The Multiversity Thunderworld Adventures 1, The Multiversity Guidebook 1, The Multiversity: Mastermen 1, The Multiversity: Ultra Comics 1) Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Jim Lee, Doug Mahnke, Frank Quitely, Chris Sprouse, Ben Oliver, Cameron Stewart 18,0×27,6, C, 480 pp, col. 9788893513180 € 41.95

The greatest adventure in the history of the DC volume! Join the visionary Grant Morrison, to the best talents in contemporary art and a cast of heroes and unforgettable coming from all 52 Earths alternatives of the DC Multiverse! Prepare to meet the Vampire League of Earth-443, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, the superfigli of Batman and Superman, the Ultra, but above all, great heroes of the Earth: yourself!!!

BATMAN: NO man's LAND VOL 4 (contains Detective Comics 739-741, Batman Shadow of the Bat 93-94, Batman 572-574, Azrael Agent of the Bat 59-61, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 125-126, Batman No
Man's Land 0, Robin 73, Catwoman 75-77, Batman Chronicles 18, Nightwing 38-39) Dennis O'neil, Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Greg Rucka, John Ostrander, Damion Scott, Rick Burchett, Dale Eaglesham, Scott McDaniel, Greg Land, Roger Robinson € 40.95

The last volume, with more pages, the saga of NO man's LAND. After a long prologue and an equally long sequence of adventures, one of the most important run of the Dark Knight of the Nineties reaches its end. A conclusion that leads the field in the major super-villains of the DC universe: Lex Luthor, who under the project to help rebuild Gotham City conceals the plan to become the absolute owner of the city, and the Joker that during the last days of the long crisis that has shaken the metropolis and its inhabitants begins to kidnap children and kill police officers and officers of the Gotham Police Department. The only bulwark against all of this? Batman and his allies!

DC MULTIVERSE DOOMSDAY CLOCK 1 (contains Doomsday Clock 1) Geoff Johns, Gary Frank 16,8X25,6, S, 48 pp, col. € 4,50

The meeting between the characters of WATCHMEN, and those of the DC Universe starts here! After the clues on DC REVIVAL, SPECIAL, and other recent stories, the mystery which lies at the base of the Rebirth of the DC universe begins to unfold. It all begins in the universe of WATCHMEN, where, after seven years from the end of the masterpiece by Moore and Gibbons, things did not go as was Ozymandias, the smartest man in the world is given to the stain. But a nuclear war is at the door, and only Dr. Manhattan has the power to stop it. But where is Dr. Manhattan? And as ever, in another universe, the meek and mild reporter Clark Kent has a mysterious nightmare during sleep?

DC MULTIVERSE DOOMSDAY CLOCK 1 VARIANT PIN (contains Doomsday Clock 1) Geoff Johns, Gary Frank 16,8X25,6, S. 48 pp, col. FOR DETAILS OF PURCHASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR € 5,50


DC MULTIVERSE DOOMSDAY CLOCK 2 (contains Doomsday Clock 2) Geoff Johns, Gary Frank 16,8×25,6, S., 48 pp, col. € 4,50

The second part of the meeting between the DC characters and the DC comics! After the events of the DC UNIVERSE. REBIRTH SPECIAL and crossover PIN between the FLASH and BATMAN, the events explode in this maxi-series orchestrated by Geoff Johnse Gary Frank! The Dark Knight discovers another track from the WATCHMEN universe, Luthor pays a debt with the devil and clowns killers roam Gotham City in search of a crazy...

DC MULTIVERSE DOOMSDAY CLOCK 2 VARIANT PIN (contains Doomsday Clock 2) Geoff Johns, Gary Frank 16,8X25,6, S. 48 pp, col. € 5,50

BATMAN 51 (164) (contains Batman 50, Detective Comics 985) of Tom King, Bryan Hill, Mikel Janin, Philippe Briones 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301478 € 3,95

You are all invited to the BATRIMONIO of the year! Batman and Catwoman, after a long wait, they are married and this incredible event is preparing to upset the balance of the DC universe! To celebrate the rite will be, obviously, the writer TOM KING and artist MIKEL JANIN, accompanied for the occasion by the many guest stars of exception, such as Tim Sale, Frank Miller, Lee Bermejo, and many others. In the meantime, in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS, Lightning Black must figure out what secret he is hiding Bruce Wayne

BATMAN 52 (165) (contains Batman 51, Detective Comics 986, Nightwing 47) Tom King, Bryan Hill, Benjamin Percy, Lee Weeks, Philippe Briones, Chris Mooneyham, Klaus Janson 16,8X25,6, S, 72 pp, col. 9788829301485
€ 3,95

The honey moon of the Dark Knight is destined to end very soon, given that Bruce Wayne, the city in the view of Gotham City, has been summoned to be a juror in a trial where the defendant is MR. FREEZE! Tom King. for the occasion, will be joined by an extraordinary artist: LEE WEEKS




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