RW Lion: the outputs of the 22nd of June 2019


Published on Jun 19, 2019


Continue the celebrations at home Lion for the 80 years of Batman, with authors of the calibre of King, Simonson and Giandomenico. This week get even Jiro Matsumoto with his zombie Becchin and Mandara, in Tokyo's dystopian, and action-packed.

BATMAN 59 (172)
(contains Batman 58, Detective Comics 991, Nightwing 52, Batman 321, Detective Comics 500)
Tom King, James Robinson, Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Len Wein, Mikel Janin, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Chris Mooneyham, Walt Simonson
16,8×25,6, S, 96 pp, col.
€ 5,50

The Dark Knight is going to start a new exciting confrontation with the Penguin! Batman is on the trail of an opponent mysterious, but if Oswald Cobblepot, this time, turns out to be an ally for him? In the meantime, the extraordinary Italian artist CARMINE DI GIANDOMENICO joins with writer James Robinson to give us a history of hard-fought involving the Bat, James Gordon and... Two Faces! Finally Dick Grayson, still in search of himself, must stop an ingenious plan hatched by the Scarecrow! Inside the register there is also the third monthly insert dedicated to the greatest authors that have worked on BATMAN, to celebrate the eighty years of the Dark Knight. WALTER SIMONSON brings us back in time to celebrate the birthday of the JOKER, and lends his artistic talent to a poignant short story, which celebrated 500 issues of DETECTIVE COMICS.

(contains Justice League of america 11, Justice League Dark 5, Titans 29)
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Dan Abnett, Francis Manapul, Daniel Sampere, Minkyu Jung
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 4,50

“Land Submerged” part two! Directly from the pages of FLASH No. 59 continues the crossover between the Justice League and Aquaman! To stop the transformation of the Earth in an underwater world, Mera and the Justice League will have to go in the most dry in the world! Continues on JUSTICE LEAGUE No. 56! In the meantime, the Justice League Dark deals with a secret of Detective Chimp and the Titans are stranded on an alien world.

FLASH 59 (115)
(contains Flash 58, Justice League Aquaman Drowned Earth Special 1, Cursed Comics Cavalcade 1)
Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, and Michael Moreci, Rafa Sandoval, Howard Porter, Felipe Watanabe
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 4,50

Barry Allen and Iris West have a crucial mission: find the avatar of the other elemental forces of the universe before they destroy everything. But they soon discover that their first goal is definitely dangerous Gorilla City! But the highlight of this issue is a history of extra-large, which marks the beginning of the “Land Submerged”, the crossover between Aquaman and the Justice League, struggling with a flood of the world! Continues on JUSTICE LEAGUE of america # 55.

SUPERMAN 59 (174)
(contains Superman 5, Justice League Dark Wonder Woman The Witching Hour 1)
Brian Michael Bendis, James Tynion IV, Ivan Reis, Jesus Merino, Fernando Blanco, Miguel Mendoça
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 4,50

With Earth death in the Negative Zone, and with Superman struggling with Rogol Zaar perhaps it would be not to add flesh to the fire... But Brian Bendis thinks otherwise! Get Zod, but will be an ally or an opponent? Also, from the pages of SUPERMAN No. 58 concludes “The witching Hour”, the crossover between Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark. Who will win? Who will lose? And who will pay the consequences?

Jiro Matsumoto
12,2×17,8, B+sc, 340 pp, b/n
€ 5,95

By Jiro Matsumoto, critically acclaimed author of FREESIA, comes this unique volume shades of horror. Set in a dystopian Tokyo, the manga protagonists, Becchin and Mandara, two girls who are the last line of defense in a nation in ruins. Army tank fully operational, the couple must fight off hordes of zombies while fighting each other for the food, fun, and maybe even the affection of the opposite sex. They have nothing to lose in this world except their humanity. But then who are the zombies in this world? Are the undead or are these two girls having to live in the midst of them still human?

Kiru Collection 6
ADAMAS 11 [11]
of Ryōji Minagawa, Eri Oka
12×16,8, B+sc, 240 pp, b/n
€ 5,95

We conclude this second volume of the adventures of Reika Ryuzaki and his companions: it unleashes the last battle for the adamantite, legendary mineral capable of cancel the power of the spirits of the jewels. Don't miss the conclusion of the series created by the master of the action manga Ryōji Minagawa!

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