RW Lion: the outputs of the 16 November 2019


Published on Nov 11, 2019


Through its official channels RW Lion has released the anticipated outputs for this week.

BATMAN GRANT MORRISON 2: The filing cabinet-black
(Contains Batman 663-666)
Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert
16×21, B, 96 pp, col.
€ 4,95
Continue the publication of the fundamental cycle of BATMAN created by Grant Morrison, with an illustrated tale dedicated to the Joker, a glimpse of Batman's future, and the continuation of the plot involving the Dark Knight, Talia Al Ghul and their son Damian!

Birds of Prey Collection
(Contains Detective Comics 831, Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey 1, Nightwing/Huntress 2, Gotham Central 6, Birds of Prey 25)
Paul Dini, Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Greg Rucka, Christy Marx, Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher, Gary Frank, John Dell, Greg Land, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Lark
16,8×25,6, B+in, 160 pp, col.
€ 17,95
Waiting for the release to the cinema of the blockbuster dedicated to BIRDS OF PREY and HARLEY QUINN, here is a series of volumes created to present the protagonists of the film to all the readers! Let's start with HARLEY QUINN AND THE BIRDS OF PREY, an anthology that will let you know better Harley Quinn, the Huntress, Black Canary, Cassandra Cain and policewoman Renee Montoya.

Lion Extra
(Contains The Wild Storm 19-24)
Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt
16,8×25,6, B, 160 pp, col.
€ 16,95
The last volume of the review of the characters of the Wildstorm made by Warren Ellis! Jenny Mey Sparks has been around for a century. Has seen many things, many of which are so bad that you put us twenty years to get pass the hangover socket and forget about it. But now it's back, and he has a plan. The fact is that other people also have plans, and one of these is to reduce the world population by 90 per cent! The epic conclusion of " the WILD STORM will join all of the heroes are well-known in the previous volumes to deal with a battle that needs all the power and force possible to be won!

Lion Extra
(Contains Exit, Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles 1-6, Suicide Squad/The Banana Splits Special 1)
Mark Russell, Mike Feehan
16,8×25,6, B+al, 168 pp, col
€ 17,95
Hailed by readers, acclaimed by critics, transposed into a theatrical show Off-Broadway, winner of a GLAAD Media Award and nominated for the Eisner Award 2019, arrives in Italy the series is the most disruptive of the past few years! Mark Russell (THE FLINTSTONES, WONDER TWINS), enacting the character of Svicolone of cartoon Hanna-Barbera, tells a story of marginalization, homophobia, fear of the different that is a mirror of our reality and society of today. Svicolone is a famous playwright in the United States of the Fifties, secretly a homosexual, who is forced to choose whether to betray his friends, and his political convictions and moral or seen the collapse of everything around. A masterpiece of the unexpected that will not leave indifferent readers!

DC Universe Library
(Contains Batman: Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 65-68)
J. M. De Matteis, Joe Staton, Steve Mitchell
16,8×25,6, B+al, 112 pp, col.
€ 13,50
After a fight deadly, the Joker seems to have killed the Batman! Before the death of his nemesis, the insane Joker at this point can't... come back healthy!!! A suspenseful thriller that sees the Clown Prince of Crime in a robe unusual, that of a normal person!

(Contains Aquaman 0, 14 To 17, Justice League 15-16)
by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Paul Pelletier
16,5×25,2, B+al, col., 192 pp
€ 20,95
Back in the complete edition of the saga that has seen the Justice League alongside Aquaman in the fight for the throne of Atlantis, a war that he sees as a field of battle to the mainland! A new milestone was created by the architect of the DC universe: Geoff Johns!

DC Black Label Prestige DELUXE
(Contains Batman: Damned 1-3)
Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo
21,6×27,6, C, 176 pp, col.
€ 27,95
Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo go back to work on the Dark Knight with a story that is already entered in the history of american comics! A history of horror and the supernatural that begins with... the Joker's dead!!! But who was it? Batman? Some dark force that lurks in Gotham? The Dark Knight (can't remember what happened, and tries to clarify it, the more he doubts what his mind makes him see. The only one who can help him is John Constantine! The odd couple penetrates in the criminal underworld of Gotham in a race against time to discover the truth about who killed the worst enemy of Batman!

DC Black Label Prestige
(Contains Batman Arkham Asylum)
Grant Morrison, Dave McKean
18,0×27,6, C, 128 pp, col.
€ 20,50
The necklace DC Black Label embellishes another classic of the comic book world: batman: ARKHAM ASYLUM, the famous and acclaimed history that has made known to us the talents of the screenwriter, scottish, Grant Morrison, and the british illustrator Dave McKean, with the comparison between the Dark Knight and his archnemesis,the Joker, in a story of a psychological intensity unprecedented. The revolutionary art of this story has influenced dozens of designers, and has introduced new approaches to storytelling.

(Contains Grayson 12-20, Grayson Annual # 2-3, Secret Origins 8)
Tom King, Tim Seeley, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Janìn, Juan Castro, Roge Antonio
16,8×25,6, C, 320 pp, col.
€ 35,50
The second and last volume of the whole collection of GRAYSON, the series spy-supereroica that has seen explode the talent of Tom King (BATMAN, MISTER MIRACLE, OMEGA MEN) and Mikel Janìn (BATMAN). All the knots come to the comb, and the mystery that surrounds the agency's espionage Spiral is about to be revealed! Inside are also two Annual unpublished in Italy, which complete the representation of the series in its entirety!

DC BOX SET (with the cover fitted Lacuna Coil Camuncoli)
– Batman the Ride (variant)
– DC Omnibus Dark Nights: Metal (variant)
– T-shirt with an illustration of Camuncoli
– 8 picks
– The mask of Batman
– Gadgets-branded Lacuna Coil
– Multimedia content inspired by the Band
€ 249,95
In collaboration with Lacuna Coil.
Special Edition: The famous designer Giuseppe Camuncoli, will be an exclusive for Italy, a special cover featuring the Bat Man in the Dark version and the members of the band. A unique edition, not to be missed comes in the occasion of the twenty years of the band and the launch of their new album.

DC Black Label Prestige
(Contains Watchmen 1-12)
Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
18,0×27,6, C, 416 pp, col.
€ 56,50
The masterpiece of the comics, returns in a new edition under the auspices of the DC Black Label, waiting the arrival of the tv series the homonymous targata HBO! The murder of the Comedian disrupts his ex-colleagues superheroes, but the investigation of Rorschach, Nite Owl, the Silk Spectre will lead you to discover the old spectres of the past and new threats for the future.

(Contains the House of Whispers 6, Lucifer 6, Books of Magic, 5-6)
of fibres and can be smoked Hopkinson, Dan Watters, Kat Howard, Dominike “Domo” Stanton, Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara, Tom Fowler
16,8×25,6, B, 96 pp, col.
€ 9,95
The situation continues to worsen for Erzulie and his followers in the House of Dahomey. What will be forced to do the d & c Voodoo to stem the current outbreak? In the meantime, the memories of Lucifer will become clear, even if the price of this knowledge may be too high, and Timothy Hunter is about to embark on a dangerous journey into the Lands of Dream. Which situation you will face?




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