RW Lion & Goen: the outputs of the 30 November 2019


Published on Nov 25, 2019


Through its official channels RW has spread the outputs and drivers for this week's additions to Lion and Goen.

BATMAN #69 (182)
(Contains Batman 68, Detective Comics 1002, Nightwing 57)
Tom King, Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Lobdell, Zack Naplan, Amanda Conner, Dan Panosian, John Timms, Mikel Janin, Brad Walker, Travis Moore
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 3,95
Batman is coming to the end of his journey among the nightmares, but his opponent has other aces up his sleeve. Which dagger will be stuck, this time in the heart of the Crusader Hooded? In the meantime, the Bat must recover from the duel with the Knight of Arkham and Ric Grayson is going to clash with the fearsome... daughter of the Joker! The former hero of Bludhaven will finally decide what to do with his life?

SUPERMAN #69 (184)
(Contains Superman 10 Wonder Woman 68, Supergirl 28)
Brian Michael Bendis, G. Willow Wilson, Marc Andreyko, Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson, Cary Nord, Eduardo Pansica
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 4,50
The story of Jon on what has happened in the space while he was on a mission with his grandfather comes to an end and now it's up to Superman to decide whether to ask for an account to Jor-El. The threads of Brian Bendis begin to converge, and Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson to help him with the illustrations beautiful! Also Wonder Woman ends the War of the Giants, while Supergirl is involved in the battle of the Omega Men.

(Contains: Justice League 20, Justice League Dark 10, Titans Of 35)
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Dan Abnett, Jorge Jimenez, Alvaro Signs from Bueno, Bruno Redondo, Christian Duce
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 4,50
The second chapter of the fundamental “The Sixth Dimension”, where the Justice League will make a visit to the only future in which they will be able to save the Multiverse. But nothing is as it seems! It also continues the war of Doctor Fate against the magic of the universe and not even the Justice League Dark will be able to do anything about it, while in the appendix, the Titans will have to survive the battle most amazing of all: a Raven against Beast Boy!

DC Multiverse
(Contains Heroes in Crisis 7-8-9)
Tom King, Clay Mann, Travis Moore, Jorge Fornes, Mitch Gerads
16,8×25,6, S, 72 pp, col.
€ 5,95
Who killed the superheroes at the Shelter? As a “hero in crisis” is responsible for the worst carnage in the history of the DC Universe? Booster Gold and Harley Quinn are actually innocent? There is a hope to cure the trauma of the heroes? All this and much more will be answered in the last number of HEROES IN CRISIS, and the miniseries Tom King and Clay Mann, who has redefined the concept of a superhero! A roll missed to end the story the most ambitious and intimate, that you will read this year!

DC Classic
(Contains Batman 433-434, Detective Comics 599-600)
16,8×25,6, B, 160 pp, col.
DETECTIVE COMICS reaches the six hundredth number in this new volume of the chronological collection of the adventures of the Dark Knight of the Eighties and Nineties! “Blind justice” ends, only to give a start to a saga written by John Byrne, where the player must discover the mystery behind “the many deaths of the Batman

DC Deluxe
(Contains Batman: The Gates of Gotham 1-5, Detective Comics Annual 12, Batman Annual 28)
Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Trevor McCarthy, Andres Guinaldo, Lorenzo Ruggiero
18,0×27,6, C, 160 pp, col.
€ 23,50
When a mystery as old as the same Gotham City is revealed, Batman gathers his best allies to try to solve it, only to find themselves on a journey that will lead him to explore the history of the city and to investigate the most important families of Gotham, including Wayne. What they will discover will have repercussions in the future of the Dark Knight and his city. Finally, in the deluxe version of the miniseries that has blown up the talent of Scott Snyder and has put the seeds for the birth of one of the worst threats ever faced by the Dark Knight: the Court of Owls!

Works great DC
(contains Batman 535-543)
Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, John Beatty
16,8×25,6, C, 192 pp, col.
€ 22,50
The proposed volume of the epic run of Kelley Jones on BATMAN continues with stories that see the Dark Knight to try to save one of his opponents, Man-Bat, to a fate that is unpleasant, then getting to grips with the Spectrum, convinced that the paladin of Batman to be the killer of a pyromaniac who was part of the gang of the Black Mask. The atmosphere of horror and the grotesque style of Kelley Jones have made the story of Batman in the Nineties, remaining fresh and terrifying even for the modern reader!

Works great DC
(contains Batman: Kings of Fear 1-6)
Scott Peterson, Kelley Jones
16,8×25,6, C, 144 pp, col.
€ 18,95
Kelley Jones, a legendary artist who has redefined the Dark Knight in the Nineties, is back with a new miniseries unpublished! Batman protects Gotham for years now, but it is not sure that his crusade to make a difference. Doubt, fear, and insecurity begin to take hold on him. All negative feelings are fed by the Scarecrow, who is preparing a revolt at the Madhouse Arkham to confront the Dark Knight one of his biggest challenges!

Works great DC
(Contains Teen Titans # 12, Nightwing 29, Green Arrow 32, the Suicide Squas 26, Batman: Lost 1, The Flash 33, Justice League 32-33, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 32, Hawkman: Found 1)
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Jeff Lemire, Mirka Andolfo, Doug Mahnke, Yanick Paquette, Bryan Hitch, Jorge Jimenez, Howard Porter
16,8×25,6, C, 240 pp, col.
€ 27,50
Concluding Volume of the companion to DARK NIGHTS: METAL, presenting all the one-shot, and the crossover connected to the event that changed the DC universe! In this volume, coming at the beginning of 2020, the alternative versions of evil Batman, the Seven Dark Knights of the Multiverse Dark, are on the trail of the Justice League, which is trying to locate some of the objects that could protect the Earth. At the same time, Dick Grayson, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, trying to avoid the transformation of Gotham City in a city monstrous and terrifying. Two adventures and a one-shot dedicated to Hawkman that complete the picture of METAL thanks to the imagination of Scott Snyder and to the artistic genius of Mirka Andolfo, Bryan Hitc, and Yanick Paquette.

Works Great Dc:
(Contains Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003, Rann/Thanagar War 1-6, Action Comics 814, 892, Teen Titans,½, 91, Adventures of Superman 649, Teen Titans/Legion Special 1, DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis 1 Infinite Crisis Secret Files 1, 52 22, 51, Countdown 13, 35, Ion 1, Green Lantern 11, 17-25, 29-35, 64, Green Lantern/Sinestro corps Secret Files 1, Countdown to Adventure 1-3, Widlstorm Revelations 1-6, DC/Wildstorm Dreamwar 2, Number of the Beast 5-6, the DC Universe Holiday Special 1, Tangent: Superman's Reign 11, Blackest Night 0-8, Brightest Day 0-6, 9-18, 20-24, Brightest Day Aftermath 2, Gen 13 38, DCU Online Legends 8-10, Justice League of America 60, Flashpoint 1-3, Aquaman 0-14, Flash 1, Batman 3, Resurrection Man 1-6, Earth2 0-7, the Blue Beetle 6, Suicide Squad 7, Superman 7-10, Green Lantern 1, 6, 13, 35, Green Lantern Corps 7, 13, Red Lanterns 13, Green Lantern New Guardians 13, Green Arrow 0, 11, Justice League 0-2, 6, 15-20, 22-33, 35, 23.1, Justice League Dark 22, And Justice League of America 6, Team7 3, Before Watchmen: Rorschach 4, Constantine 1, Forever Evil 1, 5-6, Multiversity 1, Aquaman and the Others 1-10, New Suicide Squad 1, Arrow Season 2.5 1, Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman # 3, batman Eternal 40-43, Superman/Wonder Woman 15, Convergence, 1-2, Cyborg: Sneak Peek 1)
Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, AA.VV
16,8×25,6, C, 424 pp, with the
€ 39,95
The series dedicated to the most important authors of DC Comics continues with Ivan Reis, one of the artists who most made it great in the DC universe in recent years




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