[Rumor] Emma Watson in the cast of Death Stranding

Published on Mar 21, 2017

Of Death Stranding, in good and in evil, if they will continue to talk about it still for a long time. The new blockbuster branded Hideo Kojima, presented at the conference Sony last E3 in Los Angeles, can already count on the participation of the three characters of the show. In addition to Guillermo del Toro, have already been confirmed, in fact, Mads Mikkelsen and the starring Norman Reedus.

If a few weeks ago, shortly before the Oscars, Hideo Kojima had launched some clue on the possible involvement of Emma Stone, in the last days of these items on the web have been further fostered. The father of Metal Gear, in fact, has retweeted a news about the Stone as a possible female protagonist of Death Stranding, signal perhaps of the fact that the actress is really involved. But that's not all.

In the day yesterday, in fact, Kojima, who don't use social so lightly, she retweeted the photo of another actress that we could define on the crest of the wave. Emma Watson, her co-star of the Harry Potter series and the female protagonist de beauty and The Beast, currently in cinemas throughout the world, is the name in question. And of course now wonder if the Watson, in addition to the Stone, will be involved in some way in the very mysterious game of Kojima.

For the moment, and probably for a long time, we do not have an answer to these questions. That, perhaps, we would like to emphasise, are simply assumptions by the users that in the end will prove to be inaccurate.

Death Stranding is an exclusive PS4 developed by Kojima Productions and will be released definitely not before 2018.

Twitter to Hideo Kojima

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