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Published on May 09, 2018


Tiziano Ferro a few years ago sang, “At my age” as a turning point in both his musical career and in his life. So Michele Rech, art Zerocalcare, a point of arrival and re-start in his own comic in parallel to the vitavera with Rubble First Six months after. For the occasion, “one of Rebibbia, which makes the drawings” created in his unmistakable style, a hymn to friendship and, above all, to play with the stylistic elements of a narrative of one of his greatest passions: the tv series. No quote is left to chance, not even the one to Tiziano Ferro since it appeared in the first volume of the Rubble First.

On the one hand, if the narrative is constantly meta-textual Zerocalcare has so far told us of the precarious and uncertain life of thirty-year-old of today, the past six months when his friends find themselves making a leap into the future, to grow in various ways and in various facets, he finds himself having to make a budget of his own life, his own choices, just as it happens to all of us when our real friends are a son, are married, etc

The meta-textuality that has always characterized her stories takes on a new meaning. He spoke of himself to talk to all of the thirties in Italy (and not only because her story went beyond all the references to pop culture and straight into the hearts of the readers that these stories could easily empathize with. Now these same readers that, like him, grew up, matured, changed, reading out the Rubble First Six months after you can take a trip almost cathartic, to get excited, cheer for their heroes (not just the Limestone) and feel a little less in the defect to be still undecided – or the exact opposite – in their own lives.

On the other hand, he created a comic book in two parts, at the distance of six months, in fact as well as in the lives of the characters described is not a mere marketing choice (what an ugly word for Limestone), but also the narrative: the first volume ended with a cliffhanger in nice big, a classic of the seriality with which Limestone and its readers are the most avid are grown. The life of the Dry, wild Boar, Sarah, Katja, Deplorable, GiuliaCometti was at a crossroads, Limestone had fallen away in a bad way, and had chosen, after years of Armadillo, to go to the Panda “sticazzi” as consciousness. This choice indicates the summation from one part of serial storytelling, from the other of the meta-textuality that characterized works of the author of Rebibbia. So much so that at the end of this second volume could be a satisfying as well as it is, is in the case for the author and the publishing house was the bad idea of a Rubble First Six months after. And given that we are in that period of the year where the networks american, announce their plans for the next television season, including renewals and cancellations – it will happen in a week – never choice was more meta-apt.

But what are the Rubble of the title? To find out, you'll have to read the volume, but we anticipate that concerns the permanent condition, not only of thirtysomething, but also of the generations after them. In this budget comics a career and a life lived “in drawings and presentations,” the choice of the decentralization of the protagonist is spot-on. In a comic book, making you cry at times as he had Forgotten my name, this time Dry, wild Boar, Sarah, Katja, Deplorable, GiuliaCometti, are not supporting characters, but the protagonists. Yes, because if the sequel to Rubble First must be a hymn to the importance of having someone close that you cover your shoulders in time of need, the more that friendship in and of itself, that, behold, they are the real protagonists and the true engine of the dilemma the interior of the Limestone, and, metaphorically, of the player.

What will be the result of the call? How will the wild Boar, the newly-arrived? Dry will find a new way of teaching, the same one that was taken away from Sarah, or his troubled past will come back to haunt him? Katja and Deplorable will be able to overcome their differences? But above all, chefinehafattoGiuliaCometti? Milk, plunmcake and this new episode will answer all these questions... maybe.

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