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Published on Nov 21, 2017


Zerocalcare back after the comic strip reportage on the experience in Kurdistan, with the first part of the new masterpiece BAO Publishing: Rubble First. Ready to be back in the”simple” daily roman life of the author?


The pivotal event of this first part of the story develops and comes to life on the marriage of one of the historical friends of Zero: the wild Boar, the well-known playboy who seems to have put the head affixed. The marriage is the occasion for the artist, roman is reunited with his historic group of friends formed by Sarah, Katja, and Deplorable (pair known during the G8 summit in Genoa, italy) Dry and, of course, wild Boar. But what unites this group of guys, over the edge, and a friendship born at the time the school? The humans, with their virtues and weaknesses.


While Limestone continues in the narration of the events pre and post marriage (as his participation in a conference with a politician about the Kurds, which ended with the alleged aggression of the latter by a boy, or involvement with a group of her friends to a call work, two mysterious characters sneak into the narrative: a child and an old wise man, careful to study the movements of a group of guys (Zero and friends, to be precise) “failed” in a place full of rubble, to be built. And while you observe from a distance the group of boys, just like true explorers, they begin to become familiar with the demonic creatures that haunt the people and rob them pieces of their soul. Where will they end up of these pieces of humanity, stolen from the mysterious (and imaginative) monsters, after that the characters are robbed have given in to the normal “fears” (like the one of get stuck in a situation, the frustration of downloading their anger inward on a scapegoat, or the fear of being attacked by “leeches” abusing) that always plague the human beings?

It seems that all serve to feed a mysterious creature, ready to wake up by the meanders of the village reduced to rubble...


Recounting his daily life, his experiences, and by making oneself naked, or, in terms pasoliniani, putting himself in front of the “camera” (or better to the sheet, considering we talk about comics!) with that sympathy and wit underlined by the roman dialect (genuine, true, of “the belly”) Zerocalcare manages once again to orchestrate a plot that not only intrigues the reader, but it gives narrative continuity in one who wants to be the real intention of the author: scrutinizing, putting into play, the interiority of the characters, and friends, each with their own ambitions, their fears and their past, to carry on the shoulders. Passed the threshold of thirty years, the author goes in search of his lost time by reflecting continually upon the past, successful present and a future that seems to weigh little on his shoulders and those of those close to him.

Convinced that, in the second and last chapter of the Rubble First, the fragments “of the soul” stolen the characters unite in a wonderful puzzle.


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