Roulade of turkey and mozzarella, the recipe of the summer


Published on Jul 21, 2017


Among the recipes are perfect for the summer, recipe for roulade of turkey with mozzarella and ham, served with a fresh salad. A little bit of ingredients and a sweet tooth for the filling is perfect, so the roulades of turkey will not be dry and will be perfect to serve hot or just warm or even at room temperature. The main ingredients of this recipe also peppers and artichokes in olive oil. It is one of the recipes from silver spoon, a recipe for the summer to try. Here is how you can make these rolls with a sweet tooth.

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Roulade of turkey and mozzarella

Ingredients: 350 g of turkey breast in thin slices, 1 loaf of mozzarella cheese, 100 g ham, 30 g of butter, sage, a cup of white wine, 4 small artichokes in olive oil, 2 slices of bell pepper preserved in olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, salad, pepper, thyme, 1 green apple

Preparation: whisk the slices of turkey breast with the meat tenderizer and make it more subtle then climb slightly and we have each on a slice or two of ham.

Cut the strand of mozzarella in thin slices and we always have meat.

We do drain the artichokes and tamponiamo with kitchen paper, then cut into wedges. Do the same with the peppers cut into strips. Adagiamo artichokes and peppers are always on the meat.
Roll the meat and fix with the sticks of wood.

Infariniamo the rolls obtained.

In a pan we melt the butter with the sage and dish, brown the rolls; we blur with the white wine and cook for 10 minutes with the lid on. Every now and them we turn.
Serve hot or warm, but before we remove the toothpicks. Complete with a salad of soncino and mal green.





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