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Published on Jan 25, 2018


The new proposal by saldaPress coming from the catalogue Aftershock Comics is Rough Riders series written by Adam Glass – television writer, known especially for his works on Deadpool and Suicide Squad – assisted with pencils by veteran Patrick Oliffe, who has basically shown all the main characters of the two majors.

We are in 1898, at the height of the ascent of the USA, ready to become the leader of the free world. Teddy Roosevelt is not only a respected and politically active citizen of new york, but also a man afflicted that during the night she is playing the role of an unlikely vigilante ready to rescue the citizens in danger. This double life does not escape to the other four wealthy business men – Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie – who decide to entrust him with a mission that secret and will have to go to Cuba, where we are coming to a crisis between the USA and Spain following the sinking of the USS Maine, and that might trigger a war.

Although reluctant Roosevelt accepts the mission, provided that it can form a team with which to act. Thus begins a recruitment that includes a bitter magician who lives in Coney Island and that is called Harry Houdini, and a foolproof point – and drinker – like Annie Oakley, an elderly and penniless Thoman Edison, and a heavyweight boxing champion irresistible and turbulent, which is called Jack Johnson.

After the inevitable initial disagreements between the members of the group, the mission will sent to you uncovering a larger conspiracy that not only puts at risk the freedom of the USA but of the entire planet. Although the mission will be successfully completed, Roosevelt will find out who's really behind the immense danger that had threatened to unleash just a few steps away from the village...

Adam Glass plays with the experience on canvas set several years ago now by Alan Moore, with his the League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen, the big difference is that Rough Riders is something typically american so out of digressions, psychoanalytic and literary references refined in favor of characters from the huge ego and a story without frills where the action is the master.

While the attention of the reader is still addressed on Roosevelt – which is provided with a background in more structured thanks to a clever use of captions and that is the point of view of the narration – the rest of the team is characterized by simple and effective moments teasing the reader for the next volumes.

The author prefers not to insist too much on the historical references but play more on a setting, meta-historical, which revolves around a plot that pays duty to the first literature of science fiction and adventure by HG Wells the ever-popular Jules Verne.

A volume that exudes american, and in this sense, the pencils of Patrick Oliffe perfectly embody the american school in a hybrid is never exaggerated, but always robust, between John Romita Jr. more aggressive and Andy Kubert less hypertrophied in which anatomies and attention to detail are important. The construction of the table is solid in his preference of the horizontality that explodes then in a verticality made up of splash-page or full figure which break through the boxes, taking the upper hand on the rest of the page. A work finely packaged and will delight lovers of the above-mentioned american school also saw the realistic and precise work to the colors of the Gale Eltaeb.

Rough Riders is a reading fun and light that will make happy lovers of the history of the united states and of fiction and meta-historical; what is lacking in this first volume is a bit of personality to detach themselves from the obvious sources of inspiration. Ultimately, a series, however, to keep an eye on, and that gives depth to the catalog saldaPress.

Excellent translation of the volume is the work of Stefano Formiconi so how solid is the care system-technique of the classical column with fins saldaPress reported only a couple of typos in the phase of the lettering.

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