Rosa Perrotta mom: the sweet message of Peter's Presents (PHOTOS)


Published on Jul 25, 2019


Finally the little Domenico has decided to come to the world to know his mom and his dad. This morning came the announcement of Peter's Presents, with a sweet message on the social network has shown the first image of the Rose, after the birth of the child. Rosa Perrotta is now a mother, and imagine that in the next few hours will tell to all the people who were close to them in the last year, the great joy for the birth of the child. From the days of Pink, with a baby bump and explosive, waiting for the arrival of Dominic. The small port is the name of the grandfather, the father of Peter, a tradition that the couple wanted to respect. Rose and Peter had announced during an episode of Sunday Live.

“ The happiness weighs 4 kg ” with this simple message Peter Presents has announced few minutes ago the birth of baby Dominic on the social. In recent days mom and dad had shown the final preparations for the arrival of the baby: from the cradle to the dresses chosen with love.

And here is the photo of the arm of Rosa, after the birth. Dominic, as you can read on the bracelet, is born at half past seven this morning.

The happiness weighs 4 kg

A post shared by Peter's Presents (@pietro_tartaglione) on Jul 24, 2019 at 11:26pm PDT

Before publishing this photo, Peter had done a story, writing, “Strength, my love,” and the fans had figured out that Rose was about to give birth. Everything went well, and then we do our most sincere wishes to Rosa and Pietro, who became parents on this warm July day, that will certainly remember for their whole life.

No message instead of Pink on the social, at least for the moment. Let's imagine that the Shot is in other business bustled. But, instead, are the many messages of good wishes that all the people who follow the pair have decided to send Peter and Rosa for the birth of the child.

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