Rosa Perrotta and Peter Targlione parents: and, behold, the hand of the little Dodo (PHOTO)


Published on Jul 26, 2019


On the 25th of July 2019 born Domenico, the first son of Rose Perrotta, and Peter Presents. On social, fans of the couple went crazy for this beautiful news. And a few hours after the birth of the child, Pink has shared with the people that follow it always with great affection, the first feelings of being a mother. He quickly reassured everyone by saying to stay well. She and the little one are in good health and begin to get to know each other in these early hours of cohabitation! And saw that the Rose owes its success to all the people who follow it always with great affection, could not but share with them also the first message he dedicated to her child. Words full of love, as is understandable, those of his mother Rosa as her little Dodo!

She and Peter waiting for the child, given that the first months were not simple, they decided to postpone the wedding. But, as also revealed in the program by Barbara d'urso, in the autumn, should become husband and wife. And enjoy the wedding day together with their beloved child.

And here are the sweet words that Rose has given to her little Dodo a few hours after his birth:

I had to sleep every hour of the day,
want ice cream at all hours of the night.
I vomited on the street and in public bathrooms.
I felt my heart beat with your.
I cried desperately for no reason.
I saw and accepted my body change.
I filled your world with my colours.
I counted the days,hours,minutes.
I was afraid not to be ready.
I held in mine,even your breath.
I put all the courage that I had.

And all this,

Welcome to the world my heart.

We can not do even today, our best wishes to this couple for the arrival of the little Dodo, and wish the baby all the good of this world!

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