Romina Power, the heart-rending post on the social moves the fans: ‘I miss...


Published on Oct 11, 2018


Romina Power with her post touched the hearts of all the fans that always follow you with affection. The reason for this? A post that brought back to memory an actor who has made the history of cinema

A dad never forgets, Romina Power knows very well. In a post very melancholic, the fanpage of the beautiful singer has remembered the words of one of his most beautiful books.

The songs of Romina Power is always very active and follows the singer everywhere remembering and celebrating everything that makes and creates. The artist with the words we know do, in fact, has written many books very interesting.

In one of these, the one cited by his fanclub on Instagram, reads a moving remembrance of the father of the singer, the famous actor Tyrone Power. His memory is still very vivid in his mind, but the voice... that seems to be faded. Moving words that have won over the fans.

The former wife of Al Bano on Instagram is really a lot followed. All of its posts receive lots of likes. A memory, like that of his father, could not leave indifferent. Romina is not longer young, but there is no age for the failures.

A father you can not miss always, sometimes missing even when there is. The photo of her young, with the photo of the dad is a shot to the heart for all those who, like her, have experienced a bereavement at a young age. Losing a parent too soon mark, especially if you have not had the chance to know them better.

The life of Romina is very exciting. A life like that of the singer is full of special events. Starting from the story of his parents, both famous actors, to end his love affair with Al Bano and that of fiji.

Surely, even now, the event that shakes more and more the interest of his fans is a dramatic event that has, in part, also marked the separation from the singer of Cellino San Marco, in the disappearance of Ylenia Carrisi.

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