Romina Power in Croatia by Cristel public the first photo of the little Cassia (PHOTOS)


Published on Aug 10, 2019


No official confirmation, no one post by mamma Cristel but only a sweet message a few hours ago by Romina Power, has done the suitcases and flew immediately to Croatia to be closer to his daughter and a small born a few days ago. No post from the daughter of Al Bano, became a grandfather for the second time after the birth of little Kay. The rest Cristel and Davor live in very, very reserved in their private life, so much so that even the first-born son, there are no shots on social. The small Kay, in fact, it has been shown ( and only from behind ) on tv, on the occasion of the two evenings that Al Bano has organized to celebrate an important moment of his career aired on Channel 5 a few months ago. Then some shots of the small stolen by the paparazzi while Cristel was shopping with her grandmother Romina, Rome, and nothing more. Even the small Cassia then, this is the name chosen by Cristel for her child, and there are no images or shots that immortalize in these his first days of life but, as we said earlier, was the grandmother Romina Power to post on the social the first real image of the little.

It is clear that Romina is from Cristel in these days is shown by his many posts on Croatia posted in the last hour. Al Bano was in Cellino San Marco ( in the last hour of Loredana Bertè has documented his journey in the estates of the singer salento posting images in the company of Loredana Lecciso).

We do not know if grandpa Al Bano has met the little girl Cassia but certainly in these hours the child receives the snuggle-grandmother Romina.

The one hand that the mother does not leave' for the rest of your life ❤

A post shared by Romina Power (@rominaspower) on Aug 9, 2019 at 9:28pm PDT

With this sweet photo posted on his profile on Instagram, Romina presents to all the little Cassia. To see his face, we probably will have to wait for still some time...

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