Rome, Rays, rejects resignation of Berdini with the reserve. Romeo 5 hours: pm

Published on Feb 09, 2017

“I met Virginia-Rays in the Capitol: the I stressed the esteem it deserves. I feel deep sorrow for the situation that has arisen. I took note and, therefore, I returned to the mandate assigned by the mayor last July.” The councillor for Urban planning at the city of Rome, Paolo Berdini , announces his resignation arrived in the following to the declarations ‘shock’ reported yesterday in an article published by The newspaper “la stampa”. The resignation, however, are rejected “with reserve,” the mayor Beams. Rome, Berdini leaves after the sentences choc. Ray: “Resignation rejected with reserve”. You open a review period for the commissioner to the capitoline Berdini: after the audio of his statements, the Rays asked him for the account of the work done in Urban planning; the mayor had rejected with reserve his resignation. Cricket speaks to a reporter on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Yesterday evening 5 hours from pm the former head of the secretariat, policy Romeo: I think I have clarified everything, he said. Today in Rome the event of the Baptist. Yesterday, a day poised for Paolo Berdini. After the statements made today by “La stampa”, in which the alderman to the Urbanism of Rome defines “unprepared,” mayor Virginia Rays are not skimping harsh criticism, Berdini, convened in the Capitol, gets to return the mandate. The gesture is rejected by the first town, but with a “reserve”. “He apologized, was presented with the ash in the head, and the chick-peas under the knees – says-Ray – and I have rejected his resignation with reserve”. A few words from the tenant of the Capitol, which describe well the frost fallen on the head of the Urban planning. Which he defends: “We are killing, a true media we also passed the traps”. In ‘the interview’ following the words of Berdini on the mayor-Rays are tranchant: “On certain choices, it seems inadequate to the role. But unprepared, structurally, not for years. If you fidasse of the right people... But she is put in the middle of a court of miracles, he is put near a band”. Then the conjectures about the relationship, already disproved, between the Rays and the Romeo: “I'm just naive....”, says the minister. The reconstruction of the day yesterday. Yesterday in the morning, after the press release, the mayor is angry and demands explanations from the urban planner: as well the shall convene at 14.30 along with the rest of the board. But to be very annoyed by the words of Berdini are also the other councillors, and above all, the counselors: “So harms us and makes the team”. Ray calls to the alderman and all the explanations of the case, and then decide to keep it still at his place, but “with reservation”. Moves the spotlight from the personal to the operative, asking him to account for all of the work carried out in the department and gives way to a sort of ‘trial period’. “He didn't want to say those words, not the thought – is explained in the evening, the lawyer pentastellata -. He was mortified for what he has said. Rome is facing complex issues, such as plans of the area or the stadium.” Then, you will also hear from Beppe Grillo to inform him of the decision. “A conversation carpita fraudulently by an unknown that has not even presented as a journalist”, is justified Berdini pointing the finger at the media. “We are killing – says -a true media lynching that is going wild right in the moment in which the municipal administration takes important decisions that change the way of governing this city.” The case explodes in the aftermath of the reopening of the delicate negotiations between the Capitol and the proponents of the new stadium of Rome, who have long seen their Berdini in the ranks of the most critical with respect to the project. His words on the mayor are confirmed by the newspaper of turin, which publishes on-line also the audio of the conversation, and by the author of the article which says: “It was a face-to-face, he and I, I, I presented myself as a journalist. And he was able to let go enough. I understand the embarrassment that maybe has tried Berdini, but I can confirm the word-for-word what I have written. On the Fb wall of a young reporter for La stampa, after the publication of the piece, in addition to the compliments, they also appear to several attacks by supporters of the M5S. (ANSA)

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