Rome, Berdini: “the Resignation is irrevocable. So that legality is only think of the stadium”

Published on Feb 14, 2017

“It was my intention to serve the city by providing skills and ideas. I take note that have come to miss all of the conditions to be able to continue my work. I thank those who have worked with me and the many people who have supported me in these months of hard work. By this time my resignation will be irrevocable”. We read in a note from the alderman to the Urbanism of Rome, Paolo Berdini. Rome, Berdini: “the Resignation is irrevocable. So that legality, you only think about the stadium.” Paolo Berdini has resigned irrevocably from his post of councillor for the Urban planning of Rome. “It was my intention to serve the city by providing skills and ideas. I acknowledge that cease to be conditions to be able to continue my work.” So Berdini in a press release. The reaction of the mayor-Rays are not made to wait: “that's enough – said – we also flew over on the gossip from the bar, now we take note that the assessor prefers to continue making controversy rather than work. We go forward”. The mayor of Rome gave itself the powers to Urban planning and Infrastructure. In the note, Berdini continues: “We needed to bring the city back in full legality and transparency of the decisions of urban planning, and, instead, continues on the road of urban geography, which, as is well known, has caused immense damage to Rome.” According to the now former councillor“, while the outskirts are sinking into decay, and increases the emergency housing, the only concern seems to be the stage of Rome”. The design of the stadium. “I would like to thank Rome for having responded to the stresses of the city administration at the meeting last week by presenting a review of the project that has character and highly innovative. The technical tables are still at work, we will make an assessment of this important news, and we are meeting next week. If we will respect the times of the 3rd of march? It is obvious”. So Luca Bergamo, deputy mayor of Rome at the end of the meeting today on the stage of Rome. If someone asks if there will be a variation of the urban plan which will pass in the council Bergamo responds: “these are all elements that we will discuss once you have completed this very first stage, after-the-fact assessments”. The question of whether the stadium today is more near Bergamo replies: “What we had to say we have said, it seems to me it's enough...”. Councillor for Mobility: “we can do It in a sustainable way”. “The project” Stadium of Rome “is moving forward and is now at the scrutiny of the technical tables. We do not want a city with concrete casting, nor the edification of the wild of the past, but this stage is a stage that you can do it in a sustainable manner, and adequate, and giving a thing that the city requires, but with all of the procedures necessary to maintain a framework of legality and less environmental impact. This is our goal.” So the councillor for Mobility of Rome, Linda Meleo, to the Radio. “If you are satisfied with? Yes, we've always said that we want to do this project together with the city, because it is important for the city in addition to Rome, and then must be shared. We tried to intercept the needs and visions of the new council, we believe we have done it with success, so we continue to work together obviously in respect of the times and of the sustainability of the project itself”. He said the dg of As Roma Mauro Baldissoni at the end of the summit of the Capitol. (ANSA)

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