Role-playing in Savage Worlds... with Vanni Santoni!


Published on May 22, 2018


In the Almanac of the Worlds Wild 2018 you will find the adventure written for the Savage Worlds with Vanni Santoni: Big Shot, Grand Croix! Are you ready to play?

For one thing, the soundtrack of the article and of the adventure:

We continue with the backstory, for the use and consumption of the players:

Grand Croix sur l Arnoux is the capital of the tiny Principality of Antizena, located on the homonymous island in the mediterranean at the edge of the archipelago of the Ionian. Grand Croix is known for its casino, the beaches, the skyscrapers, the banks and the trades that take place, fashion, sporting and social events of international importance, and to be been chosen as a place of residence by several celebrities, tycoons and crooks all over the world.

The Arnoux are a hotel for families of the old european nobility, mostly genoese, venetian, swiss, and French, at the reins of a network of banks and financial around the world. The estimated capital of the family is about a billion dollars in cash, deposited in the banks of the Grand Croix.

“The monte carlo to the Greek” is a place of luxury, denied to ordinary visitors to the high cost of living and for this attended primarily by billionaires, celebrities and international traffickers.

And it is here that we will do our shot!

“Months of work for something very refined, and the half of the first played the pg were already robbing a bank XD”

Vanni Santoni

The idea of Grand Croix, and a pulp adventure for the role-playing game Savage Worlds Deluxe is focused on a mega-robbery for the damage of crooks wealthy, sinister millionaire and biscazzieri enriched, we came up with by reading The Room Deep, Vanni Santoni, book loved-hated in the world of gdristi Italian, but it is capable of catalyzing the from a year the attention towards the role-playing games, even on the part of the “muggle” that until then did not know this world.

It The Room Deep, the “King of the Nerds” Santoni told, among other things, a campaign set in a setting very similar to a version of the mediterranean to the Tropicana, which, however, as he himself has written to me, it is finished immediately to robbery...

Why not draw, then a scenario for Savage Worlds, the rules that more than any other supports adventures and film dynamics such as those that were in the original intentions of the Vanni?

And here, the mixing Savage Worlds with Vanni Santoni, pouring the whole on a bottom of Mauro Longo, adding a sprinkling of Roberto Mazzucchi and a pinch of Giuseppe Rotondo, the adventure is ready, Hit it Big at the Grand Croix is a scenario for the rpg Savage Worlds, ideal for 2-4 Thieves of the Rank Veteran.

You want to live in first person the robbery of the century? Hit it Big at the Grand Croix is the scenario for you. You can find it on the Almanac of the Worlds Wild 2018, the publication that encloses each year, the goodies and the best contributions dedicated to rpgs, Savage Worlds, role-playing Game of the year 2013 Lucca Comics & Games!

Thanks again to Vanni for taking part in our game show and good fun!

Two notes postfinali:

1 – This adventure can be played even with just the Basic Manual of Savage Worlds Deluxe or the Quick Rules are free, but it is perfectly compatible with the Tropicana, on the contrary, the fan of Tropicana, we will find some well-known personality...

2 – A touch of literature, we wanted to put here also: the family of Arnoux is inspired by the characters of the Roman de Renart.

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