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Published on Feb 26, 2020


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In addition to nursery rhymes, novels, collections from different genres, the short stories, and witty have always been a literary field that is in Rodari is one of its greatest exponents. With Alice Cascherina and Giovannino Perdigiorno, born as the serial characters of the adventures, we had already faced this type of fiction (short, always be significant, tinged with irony), but the stories created for the most disparate occasions, and with the protagonists of the most varied were a lot of. Thus was born, in 1962 the first collection quickly become a true classic of children's literature in italy: fairy-Tales on the phone. A first collection of short stories, published in the Corriere dei piccoli and il Corriere very small: it was just in fairy Tales to the phone that made their first appearance, and Alice John, but also James crystal, Apollonia, the Trolley-bus 75... along with many other short stories.

To ensure that the stories are not paressero a collection of uneven, Rodari created a frame narrative the familiar and welcoming iscrivesse all of these stories (70) in the rite reassuring goodnight in the evening.

"There was once ... the accountant Bianchi, Varese (italy). He was a representative of the trade, and six out of seven days he wandered the whole of Italy [...]. On Sunday he returned to his house, and on Monday morning went. But before leaving his little girl said, “I beg you, dad: every night a story”. [...] So every evening, wherever he found himself, at nine on the dot the accountant White was called to the telephone Varese and told a story to his little girl. This book contains the stories of the accountant, and White. You will see that they are all a little the court: to force, the accountant paid for the phone out of his own pocket, couldn't make phone calls too long".

The stories collected here are, in fact, perfect for reading before bedtime (in addition to the first individual readings!) and some of the episodes have become so dear to children, and then became the publications of the individual.

Of course, the number of illustrators has called time and time again to support the words of Course are many and you can find the ones you like the most: I have the editions that are now “historical” of Altan, but browse through the different editions here!

Fairy tales and Fantafiabe, instead, collects an additional type of writing Rodari: longer stories from the topics less familiar and more complex. The narrative recalls the fairy tales, but also the genres most adults (like science fiction!) through some of the topoi and figures of the applicants, even if the horizon is daily and reassuring: imagination and fantasy interweave with the real world, holidays, beaches, moms apprensive, thieves... The more complexity, gives ease to writing become more adventurous and the kids are a bit bigger (from 8 years) will find satisfaction in reading.

In short, Rodari for all tastes and all ages!

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