Rocco Casalino defends himself: ‘Against me in a game of’dirt'

Published on Sep 21, 2018

The spokesman for the M5S, Rocco Casalino, responds to criticism of nate these days about his salary.

As A result of the criticism against Rocco Casalino to perceive a monthly salary higher than the premier Giuseppe Conte, the journalist responds:

Are the spokesperson and head of press office, I manage about thirty people are available day and night, seven days a week, working 13-14 hours per day. Always. I have enormous responsibilities, in my hands there is the communication of the Palazzo Chigi.

Rocco Casalino defends himself from the accusations made by the media and to the question: ‘But this must not be in contradiction to what is preached from the same 5-Star Movement?’, the head of the press office response:

The Movement has always been to meritocracy, what we have always criticized the excesses and privileges that are unwarranted and not proper recognition, even economic, of the professional skills. Gain a little more than six thousand euro per month is a high salary, don't deny it, but it is what is expected for the one who plays my role.

Emanuele Buzzi, Corriere della Sera, has expressly asked if this salary is not too high for its curriculum:

Are electronic engineer and a professional journalist, I speak 4 languages. I directed for 4 years the communication office of the M5S in the Senate and I was the head of communications of an election campaign, after which the Movement took nearly 33%. If we speak of merit and compare it with the salary of my predecessors, I have nothing to be ashamed of.

And, finally, regarding the comparison with the salary perceived by Giuseppe Conte, Rocco Casalino added:

The impropriety lies in comparing the remuneration of political office with that of a professional. Mine is in line with that of my predecessors. I note that there are hundreds of leaders of the policy with a higher salary of the premier, an anomaly due to the fact that in past years, the remuneration of the president of the Council was combined with that from the parliamentary. With me you're playing dirty.

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