Robotech Remix, announced the new series


Published on Jul 22, 2019


During the press conference dedicated to Robotch organized by Harmony Gold for the Comic con International in San Diego, it was announced that starting in October, Titan Comics will publish the new comic series Robotech Remix.

Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Black Canary, Island) sceneggerà the series, described as a revisiting of the radical animated series of the classic, which we remember to have been produced by Harmony Gold in 1985, adapting and blending three japanese anime, independent among them — Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada.

Robotech Remix will bring the characters and mecha in places never seen before, and, as a result of the events of the Event Horizon, it will tell you how the fortress super dimensional SDF-1 rise after the attack of the feature-length pilot.

The graphic part is entrusted to Elmer Damaso, who has worked on the Robotech/Voltron and Marvel Mangaverse.

Below one of the covers of the first issue, and two tables inside:

In Italy, the animated series Robotech was broadcast from 1986 on Retequattro and Italia 7; collection is VHS from Yamato Video and released on DVD by Medianetwork Communications.

Comics published by Titan Comics are published by Magic Press Edizioni (two volumes so far).

Robotech Remix, announced the new series is




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