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Published on Dec 16, 2019


With the acquisition of the license linked to Robocop, saldaPress not miss the opportunity to publish, after the most recent series dedicated to the character – of our review HERE, also everything that the great Frank Miller wrote the character, reviving it in this luxurious and gigantic volume entitled Robocop by Frank Miller – the Final Edition.

The legendary name of Frank Miller, known for his seminal The Return of the Dark Knight and Batman Year One is bound to cop the cyber for two screenplays for just as many sequels that were never approved because they are considered too “extreme” and that, from 2003, were adapted into a comic strip.

Frank Miller, whose works have been adapted to comics by Steven Grant, decided not to deviate much from the coordinates of the first film and puts you at the center of the events of the war to the whole field between Robocop and the OCP, the corporation that has created but who now wants to destroy it after having lost control.

In the background a Detroit more and more post-apocalyptic, where the crime becomes a fight for survival.

In the first mini-series entitled Frank Miller's Robocop, the OCP uses an army of ex-mercenary, to extend his dominion over the city in search of Robocop as the villainous Dr. sa Love seeks to eradicate those human cop Alex Murphy is left inside of the machine.

The final battle settle a hard shot to the OCP, but will force even Robocop to escape, making it an outlaw.

From here starts the second mini-series contained in the volume titled Robocop: Last Stand, in which the primary programming of Robocop is not coming less and with the arrival of the “capital” of the far east, the battle will be even more extreme. For luck on his side, our hero will have people and a special ally that knows the technology with which it was created. It is time to regain control of Detroit.

Why these two screenplays by Frank Miller is not become of the film is easily understandable. With one word: exaggerated.

But be careful this is not about gratuitous violence and explicit, of the ipersessualizzazione of the female figures, but rather because they dig deep into the twisted logic of the american society, with particular reference to the period in which they were conceived by the re-emergence of the themes dear to the legendary writer and replugging ideally to another great master, or Clint Eastwood, especially the last one Eastwood the most socially abrasive.

Here, then, is how the classic themes of science fiction – the relationship of man and machine – is combined with the social criticism of the most bitter in which the media are playing the role of agitators of the masses and psychoanalysis is a factor in the weakening.

Miller has his foot in the tablet, and while it remains on the territories close to the first movie in the first miniseries, in the second borrows heavily from the japanese imagery, with the antagonist cyborg-style yakuza, which has helped to bring overseas back in the 80s.

If you are a fan of Frank Miller, of all his produce, and not only of the great masterpieces, this Robocop by Frank Miller – Definitive Edition will surely make you happy. For all others, perhaps, more loyal to the cult represented by the first film, the reading may be a bit unsettling because of the above-mentioned exaggerations.

To accompany Miller we think the pencils by Juan Jose Ryp and Korkut Öztekin. The two lines are diametrically opposite, but equally effective.

The first stretch mellifluous prefers the verticality does not lesinandosi neither in the particular nor in accompanying the violent screenplay for Miller made more sweet by female figures, buttery, and ready to be bared without shame while remaining tostissime. A test is really impressive.

The second one has an approach that is decidedly more classic, with a table setting, which is less rich and more ordered, making storytelling into a weapon certainly effective, especially during the most intense stages of the narrative and in the action sequences, which “explode” thanks to a stretch edgy reminiscent of John Romita Jr.

Elegant volume hardback packaged by saldaPress that stands out for the graphics, really well-chosen. Excellent translation and adaptation, the only sin that the volume has no extras of any kind if not the classic cover gallery.

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