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Published on Jul 29, 2019


Roberto Recchioni has always loved to play with pop culture, and several of his characters were born thanks to this game post-modern, which in reality has fueled many ideas and stories of the last few decades. And David Murphy is one of these inventions.

The character was born in 2008, when he was the protagonist of a mini-series published by Panini Comics. The base of the character is based on two main elements: the action hero of the films of the Eighties, and the laws of Murphy, that is the complex of paradoxes and pseudo-science according to which “if something can go wrong, will go wrong”.

David Murphy is back in June (here is OUR review of the first issue), with a new miniseries monthly six-albi published by Panini Comics entitled " Make America Great Again (reminds you of something this motto?), and which is now currently at its second output. We interviewed the writer and creator of the character Roberto Recchioni to learn more about David Murphy, and on everything that lives inside and outside our company that is fueling the stories.

Hello Roberto, welcome to Mangaforever. How did the idea of bringing back David Murphy for a new miniseries?

Hello, and thank you. The plan existed from the beginning, seen the good results of the mini-series original. Then I and the Sandwiches we had a difference of views, which lasted for some time. When we resolve the differences I was, however, in a whirlwind of work and then I had to postpone it. In the end, ten years have passed but... here We are.

Has stimulated the current political situation in the world, and the american to write the new stories of the character (seen that this season two is set in America in the President Trump)?

Absolutely. But also the Italian one saw that the motions populist and sovranisti are geograficamemte cross. The philosophy of David, and his way of being a hero, like already in the first miniseries, I thought it was perfect to tell the story of the present time.

According to you, the current social and political situation is helping at a creative level, in comics, in movies, in tv series, to produce strong content? If yes, what do you think are the most relevant.

Times dark have only one advantage: they generate the best narrative. Take horror, for example. When the world is (relatively) quiet, it is a kind that drags but when things go really bad (such as during the american energy crisis of the early ’80s, or the terrorism of the ’70's) here's the rises. Today, the world puts us in front of an apocalyptic scenario. Rise of the right extremist, the sovranismo depopulated, the climate is a disaster, the themes inclusive are harshly criticized... There are hints of a narrative from all sides.

David Murphy is a character in the post-modern. As part of your way of writing of the quotations, and the pleasure of playing with pop culture?

The time when I created David Murphy, very much. But it was also the swan song of that type of approach on my part. Then I tried other roads, and a penalty is different. I became very serious (I think of my stories of the Samurai, for example). Recently I was going back the desire to play with the pop, mixing it with the narrative of high. The results you will see with Dylan Dog and in my new book for Feltrinelli, Rome Will be Destroyed In A Day.

David Murphy is a summary of the action hero of the Eighties. According to you, these types of characters are to be reassessed, or have been already re-evaluated?

I do not think that if they are never really gone, not completely at least. Now then,between the return of Rocky, Terminator, Rambo and Maverick (speaking of Stranger Things), we live in a period that is the most 80's of 80's. And it's funny because in the real ’80s, we were living in nostalgia of the ’50's (think of Back to the Future).

The would see, well David Murphy in a series or film dedicated? What would be the actor most suited to play him?

As a series it would be a thing in the style of Jarod the Chameleon or the old tv series of the Hulk. Nothing less from Michael Bay. The actor on which it was initially modelled, today he is perhaps too old (Kiefer Sutherland) and we would like some face relatively new (because even David is so young). Channing Tatum?

Which of the characters you've created is as close to an adaptation to the big or small screen?

It would take a fortune-teller. Many of the intellectual property that I created, at various times, have been optioned for the cinema but now I'll tell you a secret: it doesn't mean anything. Only some money in your pocket and producers that bring around your character trying to find the money to build a project. What that fails almost never. When you see an author that says proud, “my book has been optioned for film and will become a movie!” it just means that a digit between one thousand and five thousand euro is passed through the hands of the sinking fund, and that someone is making lunch, usually in a bar in North Rome. A movie exists when it exists, that is, when he comes in the room. Even having shot it guarantees the existence. That said, Garrett is optioned for several years from the Wild Side that, according to the latest news that I have had (not the latest), I was talking with FX. Some more recent works that I have made have been attenzionate by large Italian companies, but I do not make any illusion.

Well Roberto, thanks for your availability.

Thanks to all of you.

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