Roberta Ragusa, the latest news, in the Afternoon, 5 speaks of a former Policeman: burnt up in a landfill


Published on Nov 26, 2019


In the episode of the Afternoon, 5 of the 26 November 2019, the journalist Vito Francesco Paglia has collected important evidence. It is that of a former policeman who has decided to tell on tv, after having sent a mail to the editor of the program, that that is his belief. Says they know what happened to Roberta Ragusa. Having participated in the investigation when it was still in business today is sure to have a thesis. Clearly, this is a personal conviction, as the ex-Policeman wrote in his letter.

The presenter of the Afternoon 5, Barbara d'urso, reiterates that it is given space in this thesis because writing is a person who has worked in the investigation and know what you're talking about.

“My personal hypothesis is that Roberta has been taken to one of the nerds in the trash,” said the former Policeman. Together with the journalist has travelled the road which he said the husband of Roberta would have done to bring the corpse of the woman in the bins.

The body then, would have been brought, in Ospedaletto Pisa, in the bins to be disposed of in the landfill through the incinerator. Precisely, according to the former Policeman, would have been brought in this place to be burned in an incinerator. The theory, however, starts from a consideration precise, it is not only her idea to test the foundations. “In an agenda of Roberta there was written something about a garbage can, that her husband was looking for,” said the former Policeman, convinced then that the body was burned in the middle of with other waste.

“And it's true that an incinerator does not burn a corpse but a body is compressed between the waste is another thing,” said the former policeman. The journalist recalls that the bins were just three minutes from the house Logli. More than 80 % of the waste of those containers went to the landfill while the remaining in another.

The former Policeman is to understand that this thesis was not taken into consideration because when he realized the note in the agenda, was the past a long time, and it was too late to look for something in the landfill.

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