Roberta Ragusa breaking news: for the defence of Logli might be eloping with her lover


Published on Nov 30, 2018


What happened to Roberta Ragusa? For many, the woman was killed in the evening in which you lose track, for others, the mother of Gello could be gone. Among the many to support the thesis of murder, there are the judges who have condemned in first and second grade, Antonio Logli, accused of murder and concealment of a corpse. One of the few to support instead to the thesis that a woman can be ran off in the night, wearing only pajamas, we are the lawyers for Antonio Logli, and in the last hours, they played another card. Roberta had a lover? And this is the news that we read on the pages of the magazine Yellow on sale this week. “The fact that some witnesses have excluded the possibility of an extramarital affair of Roberta Ragusa does not, however, provide certain proof of its nonexistence. The statement about the judge is then contradicted by specific evidence in the preliminary investigation of the same, resulting in the misrepresentation of proof, does not take into account any”. To write these words, in a language that is clearly legal, have been the attorneys of Antonio Logli, the husband of Roberta Ragusa. This is a very important step of the appeal presented by the defence in the court of Cassation against the judgment issued by the Court of Appeal of Florence in relation to man.

The weekly Cairo publisher this week the public exclusive of the passages.

In the words of the defense, in substance, it says that it is not possible to exclude that Roberta Ragusa had a lover. And so, between the lines, it suggests that, if indeed the woman had had a secret relationship with another man, then, always according to the defense, it would be reasonable to assume that Roberta can be escaped of the house with him. The fact that some of the witnesses have already categorically denied that Roberta had a lover, does not, in the opinion of the lawyers, that this possibility should be ruled out. The lawyers of Logli then ask you to verify more in depth this possibility. Not only that, but advancing also a criticism of the judges for not having taken into account some clues that in their judgement may prove this hypothesis.

The new track would start from the testimony of an acquaintance of the family of Antonio and Roberta Ragusa.

The woman, Roberto Costa had in fact spoken of "voices of the land" telling of some episodes of the past: "with regard To Roberta, can I talk about an incident of which they are aware from the chatter of the country. That is, about five or six years ago, shortly after the death of his mother, Roberta had departed voluntarily to the house with the lover, for about two or three days. Shall never come to know who was this person with whom you would be away Roberta. In the occasion I was told that Antonio, after two days, he had gone to recover, Roberta. I do not know further details regarding this matter".

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