Rob Gronkowski vs LeBron James


Published on Jun 21, 2018


I never really experienced the long off-season of american sports.

Normally it starts with discussions on the greatest systems in the end of the respective championships, it continues for the nfl Draft, the speculation of the market and you end up with the comment on the trade, the new contracts and the future of the individual deductibles

Another stylistic exercise, normally, is to compare players of different eras, or of different sports to determine who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time, the best ever), or determine whether a player can be a winner, or at what point in your own category, this is to be placed, in function of the number of titles or of the absence of the same.

Things of that kind.

Are not fond of any of the two pastimes because, in the first case, I am regularly disappointed, especially when I am persuaded that some of the players that could change the fate of my franchise favourite, NBA, NFL, MLB makes no difference, and in the second are not inclined to the type of speech, and, anyway, Jordan was the greatest of all time (on football and especially baseball-I can't be so fundamentalist)

Today, to try to live up to the general mood and make me switch the pain off-season, I'll try to do a bit of both of these things (or none of these).

Having decided, in a completely subjective, you want to put in the same piece, finding terms of comparison, Lebron James and Rob Gronkowski, I felt the road more logic to do this would be to compare the next offseason, and the destinies of two players who will have a summer of movement, at least so they say, and they have a common base: both have lost their last final of their respective championships (does not seem to me a small thing...)

Going back to summer lively... In the case of Lebron we can be virtually certain because of the possibility that the remains in Cleveland are equal to zero. We are coming to the third act of “The Decision”, it remains only to understand where it will end. With regards to Gronk, we are assumptions, even if, after the declarations of the end of the championship, where he claimed to want to withdraw, and the presence of BB, one that has never done any problems to download major players, the chances that the TE #87 changes of residence are less remote than the fans of the Pats are willing to admit.

Before starting with the whole transfer, and the effects that these imply, let's try to find points of contact that extend beyond the have lost the last Super Bowl, and the Finals of 2018 and we try to bring one on the field of the other.

One of the phrases most repeated, after James received an outlet pass from Kevin Love is “here is your TE NFL” (cit Quiet) and every time the quiet national says this is what I automatically think of Gronk, although I don't think of Love as the Tom Brady of the ball into wedges. Could someone review the fact that there may be some associations are more direct, maybe with YOU, who in their university career have shown their talent on the hardwood, as Antonio Gates or Jimmy Graham, but the first is too old, and the second is too little.

No, the comparison is right that with Gronkowski

Some of the statements most frequently when Gronk breaks down the oppositions defence are things like “he is a mismatch living” or “too fast for LB (long), and too big for the DB (the guard)” that is exactly the same kind of statements that we use to describe the dominance of Lebron on a basketball court.

Are two freak athletic, LBJ is a little higher than Gronk, but the TE of the Pats is a little big, but the thing that unites them, and that makes them so devastated, is that with those measures, with that structure, should not be able to do what they do, the speed and coordination with which to do it. To all this we add a QI sports rather significant and that is that the (my) theory, for which Gronk and LBJ in some way may be compared, begins to have a semblance of dignity.

I want to insist, however, and I try to find points of contact, even outside the field: LBJ joined as a minority shareholder of Liverpool FC, the team which lost the last final of the CL, while Gronk has recently acquired a share of the property of his alter-ego horse, who finished second in the Belmont Stakes, one of the most important races of America. Also in 2015, LBJ, the founder of Uninterrupted, raised funds for the creation of content produced by athletes, for the fans, and one of the first involved? Rob Gronkowski....

After arguing enough about why a TE in the NFL, and the all-around player, par excellence, of the history of basketball modern could in any way be assimilated is the time to try to speculate where they may end up and how would that change the prospects of the teams in which you would play. We will consider the 5 cities, and their teams, anticipating that in 3 occasions, our two heroes could become neighbors, one could exchange the apartments and in the last, well’, would end up in two cities that have nothing to do with one another.

Here are the nominations: THE (Lakers-Chargers), Houston (Rockets-Texans), San Francisco (Warriors-49ers), Boston (Celtics) – Cleveland (Browns), Philadelphia (76ers) – Nashville (Titans)

Definitely the destination is the most fascinating to LBJ that if he can convince Paul George to follow him, would transform the young Lakers into a team ready to compete in the jungle of the Western Conference. The problem is that, unless magheggi of Magic, it was unlikely that the Lakers would be immediately competitive in the battle for the title, although the perspective, we are talking about a couple of years, you may be ready to challenge (and beat) the Warriors.

Gronk to the Chargers would be perfect, regalerebbe a third youth to the Rivers, that could tell to the grandchildren, to have had as target the two of YOU more dominant in the history of the game and perhaps, but with the Chargers there is never from stars too quiet, would finally make that leap of quality that the fans of San Diego (not an error, for me, the Bolts have never moved) are waiting for a few years. View the “purchasing campaign” of the rivals with the horns you imagine a SB between the Chargers and the Rams what would it mean for football in the city of Angels?

GRADE: Los Angeles awaits you with open arms

It is said that Chris Paul will renew and is doing the recruiting and trying to convince the King to move to Texas. Honestly, the Rockets admired n this season they seem the perfect team to James for both quality companions who for your system of the game (you said ISO BALL?) and would be to end the dynasty of Warriors. If the choice were only from the possibility of winning a title immediately, I think that Houston should be the first choice of Lebron.

Watson, Hopkins, Gronk and Lamar Miller in attack, Watt, Clowney, and Mathieu in defence: this could be the version of god in the physical of a super team in the NBA, provided that all these be able to remain healthy and finish the season, starting from Gronk. The ex-Pats to the Texans would make great guns, being able to rely on an offense already explosive before his arrival and that he would be a “fourth dimension” unknown to the other 31 franchises in the NFL. Then, if Watts could only stay in the field for all 16 games (plus the playoffs), and Clowney to continue the work started in the last season battle in the AFC it would be very interesting

GRADE: Prepare the/and parades

Despite the Warriors will relocate to SF only in 2020't forget that Lebron, in the case of a landing in the bay, might even consider Oakland as your new residence. Made this premise, I can't imagine LBJ in the jersey Warriors and I don't think Golden State is in the position of being able to sign “also” the chosen one, and probably, I might add, not even interested. Speech title of course you would fall even in the field but, fortunately, not going to happen.

Gronkowski the 49ers would be a nice suggestion: find some ex-team-mate Jimmy-G, by supplying the target needs, if you want to make credible the passing game would come into a team that has moved well in the first part of the off-season, and who would like to contend to pompatissimi Rams the scepter of the NFC WEST, and would speed up definitely that process of rebuilding that maybe he went a bit t too long.

GRADE: Lebron don't want to; Gronk from that, we

Lebron back to pair with Karye after this you ran away from the Cavs for not having to live in the shadow of the chosen? Gronk, which ends up in a team that has compiled an embarrassing 1-31 in the last two seasons?

Difficult, but not impossible...

In Boston, LBJ would still be in his beloved Eastern Conference and win, in fact, the possibility to keep intact the streak of consecutive finals, (you doubt that he would have trouble getting to the finale with the green and white?) would a team in the super competitive and ready, with all of its actual, to challenge seriously the crooks of the bay, coached by the best coach currently in circulation. In sintei: a non-competitive 82 games and 3 rounds of playoffs (the finals would be rather uncertain)




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