Riviera the tv series on Channel 5 from Wednesday: everything there is to know


Published on Jun 23, 2019


Sara's summer of the news that Channel 5 wants to give to his audience although there will be replicas. Among the new features coming this week there is the series Riviera. You will recall that Mediaset had advertised in the british series last year, the broadcast was scheduled for September but then it wasn't aired. Riviera instead will make its debut now Wednesday 26 June 2019 in prime time on Channel 5. And we could not tell you what he is talking about the new series of the summer of Mediaset.

The Riviera is a british series of 2017, which arrives in our country ( the fourth, who purchased the rights to the series) to two years from the airing in the United Kingdom. There are two seasons in the Riviera, the first wave in 2017 which consists of 10 episodes and the second view in 2019, also it consists of 10 episodes for a total of 20 so. Should be turned the short-term, having regard to the success, even the third season. Riviera is set and shot mainly in France, on the Côte d'azur. It was shot in English and French.

But what he is talking about the Riviera? We discover with the advances that concern the English tv series from Wednesday broadcast on Channel 5.

What's it about then the series? The protagonists of the Riviera move in the world of the French riviera, are all so very rich, and between a party and the other, spend the day full of luxury and glitz. The lies, the intrigues, the lies, the double game and so many things to discover in the history of the Riviera. And of course, as in every series that respects, there is a protagonist.

The story of Riviera is focused on the character of Georgia, a wealthy american woman whose husband dies in mysterious circumstances as a result of an explosion in the yacht on which it was. With the help of the first wife of Constantine, Georgia will shed light on the shady dealings of her late husband and the secrets that are the foundation of his empire. Georgia will have to learn quickly the art of survival, to preserve the family Clios from itself and from its enemies. And as you can imagine, the former wife of Constantine will not accept in any way to get into the second floor and give up everything that her ex had...Georgina wants to protect the children of her deceased husband but is confronted with the ex of him that pretends to decide, alone, for his family, at least for what's left of it. Among the other protagonists of the story, but even a old school mate, Georgina, who will be central to the story. Robert Carver (played by Adrian Lester ) who now works in the world of stolen goods stolen works of art.

The cast of the Riviera, is led by Julia Stiles (the films of the saga of Jason Bourne) in the role of Georgina, a girl native to the Midwest and becomes the brilliant and enterprising wife of the billionaire Constantine Clios.

The appointment, and then Wednesday with the first episode of the Riviera. We remind you that the series will air in place of Live-is Not the d'urso. Mediaset would have wanted to send in wave two new episodes of the program of Channel 5, but the presenter has chosen to take two months of rest then come back better than ever in September.

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