Riverdale: where is the hometown of Archie?


Published on Dec 01, 2019


To try to understand where is Riverdale, we take a closer look at the lore from both the comics and in the show on the small screen.


In the comics, Riverdale is treated as a medium-sized city, like a suburb of a larger city without name, in which the cone of shops like Pop's Soda Shop and basic facilities, such as public high schools and a local shopping centre, as well as high points such as the buildings that belong to the family Lodge and Blossom.

Several locations were identified as Riverdale. A publisher, Archie has even suggested that Riverdale, in reality, do not have a fixed location and is more a “state of mind”, something specific.

However, various stories have suggested that the city be everywhere from Iowa and from California. It was also suggested that all the beaches are not actually in the sea shore, but in reality are one of the beaches that surround the Great Lakes in Illinois, but it has also been suggested that is based in large part on the hometown of the creator of Archie, Bob Montana, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

But in a story published in 1942, it is suggested that students of Riverdale High to take a trip on the Hudson river to Bear Mountain, the Hudson river and Bear Mountain are both places of interest in the State of New York.

There are even on a ship called “Peter Stuyvesant”, that takes its name from a figure famous in the history of New York City. There is also a royal borough in New York city called Riverdale near the Bronx Zoo, which was a setting of some stories. Therefore, New York city tends to be seen as the location most suitable for Riverdale.


The city seen in the CW series Riverdale seems to ward the town from New York City, but it also seems to still be in the same state. The town this time is treated as a city more than a suburb.

With the Blossoms that they used their monopoly on the maple syrup to increase their wealth thanks to their participation in the drug trade, the show has to be set somewhere in New England, the only natural place in which to find the maple syrup in the United States. However, there are a number of clues are subtle, however, the series still plays in the state of New York...

Riverdale is mentioned as part of the County of Rockland, and there is only one county of that name in America, and is located to the west of the Hudson river.

Although there are still some logical problems – such as Montreal apparently in the vicinity – there are still many clues to the fact that the Riverdale of the CW and New York city.

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