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Published on May 08, 2020


The episode of the last week of Riverdale – our review HERE–, had seen the attention of the audience obviously attracted by the sudden and overwhelming component to the romance that had involved “surprise” Archie and Betty.

Everything had become clear on the background of the mystery of the VHS delivered to the inhabitants of the citizens, a mystery that had been partially solved with the attachment of a series of snuff videos, in the sinister point of the city. However, the most recent of these VHS to portray the murder of Jason Blossom had left open the larger questions on the mystery that is his motive.

In this 19th, and final, episode of Season 4 titled the Killing of Mr. Honey, however, the boys of Riverdale High will have to manage a threat, the more imminent: the tyranny of dean Honey.

After you have cleared the printing of the yearbook, in fact, Honey, resented for the joke with which Reggie, Archie, and Kevin had vindicated, had cancelled the prom. While the guys do call on all their resources to resolve the issue, Jughead receives a phone call from the University of Iowa, who promise admission in exchange for the writing of convincing.

Jug not if it does repeat two times and put down on paper the fantasies of revenge against Honey with implications of course mournful. The narration between reality and fiction starts to intertwine. When another VHS that is delivered to the school, however, Honey seems to win this surreal battle, a mistake will be fatal.

When everything seems to turn for the better, however, for the last VHS to be delivered to Betty and Jughead, and the content of which is incredible.

Despite the pompous title of the episode last week, this is Killing Mr. Honey to recover those influences lynchiane so dear to the series, and to force them to submit to an episode satisfying, pays the duty to the cult ’90s as Cruel Intentions or I Know What You Did.

The interweaving of reality and fiction is handled with pace and personality from the point of view of the direction, not losing nor of the efficacy or involvement, and from that the script that builds and deconstructs the principal Honey as a villain who probably would have been the red thread of the end of Season 4 if it had not been truncated before due to the Coronavirus.

It remains undisputed that Killing Mr. Honey works great as a season finale, for the end of the season definitely open that door to discuss the inevitably of the future of the series and its likely to jump in time several times speculates that it would lead to abandoning the events of the school as a background of the four protagonists.

It is time also to budget for the entire Season 4, which reaches barely sufficienze and is far from the effectiveness of the first two seasons. In some ways this season has been the most enjoyable of the previous one, but the lack of narrative arcs, secondary effective, and of a narrative arc in the main strokes are too heavy, have affected the vision of many episodes.

That the gloss that is definitely lost will return with a drastic change of scenery for Riverdale, and with new supporting characters? We'll see in the meantime, we await official news on Season 5.

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