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Published on May 02, 2020


After the break, forcibly extended by the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus that had blocked the server televisi, Riverdale was back on track with the traditional and annual musical episode – our review HERE – this year is particularly convincing both in form and in substance.

The episode that was supposed to mark the return to normality after the death and resurrection of Jughead as a result of the events of the Stonewall Prep and his incredible conspiracy in reality it was transformed into a powder keg, charging voltage for our four protagonists and, in particular, for Archie and Betty, who, in a moment of vulnerability, you were once again granted a deep passionate kiss... what does that mean for the two of them in the first place but especially for their current partner, Jughead and Veronica.

From here starts the episode of this week called Lynchian. At the end of the last installment in one of the mysterious videotapes that were delivered to the population of Riverdale there is something very different: the reconstruction of the murder of Jughead. Which convinces the guy to try to solve the mystery by going back to back to one of his school mate... now it remains to understand the motive behind this macabre pastime in the centre of which there seems to be a black market.

Veronica and Cheryl do not have to defend their own small businesses linked to the rum only from Hiram Lodge but also from new and dangerous competitor. About activities Kevin, Fangs and Reggie try to get into the business of video-related tickling but also they will discover that competition can be fierce.

Intato Betty and Archie try to ignore and avoid dealing with the speech, but will soon have to deal with the change in the act in relation to a decision drastic and painful.

Since its very first episode Riverdale had demonstrated an attachment to the seminal lesson of the Twin Peaks of David Lynch, both from the narrative point of view that the moods of a teen drama bent toward the territories claustrophobic and morbid, while from the technical point of view the photography and some of the solutions directors paid heavily duty by the master of the weird television.

It was lawful then to expect with this week's episode, the penultimate of this Season 4 cut a handful of episodes due to Coronavirus, titled unmistakably Lynchian that the series would pay definitely the duty of the director and, instead, the episode moves safe on narrative strands now solidified without any particular verve morbid nor without delving into the cue distinctly teen drama of the previous episode.

At the center of attention of course is the mystery of the videotape that finds its turning point in the revelation of the new antagonist that that would be the last part of the season with a good run of episodes but that will be unfortunately reduced and restructured.

On the other, the passion between Archie and Betty, will be paid not without suffering, with some good passing, melancholy, in a rather rational, which on the one hand is good, since that is not the component of the teen drama will not be exacerbated as a prerogative of Riverdale that has addressed these issues in a more “realistic, but on the other hand is yet another “starter” narrative of something that's several times in the course of the four seasons of the series seemed to strongly emerge.

Lynchian is actually a solid episode of step sin that in the next 45 minutes Riverdale will have to find the raison d'être of this Season 4

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