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Published on Apr 17, 2020


After a pause for a long time, and a production still halted due to the health emergency caused by the epidemic of the Coronavirus arrived dramatically in the USA, The CW puts it back in the schedule without a schedule really stable Riverdale that we had left with the last episode – our review HERE – that was closed plots linked to the death of Jughead that day, he miraculously in life, and especially with the complicity of the entire town, had finally disassembled the conspiracy which had as its focus the prestigious Stonewall Prep.

And now? Now you should be back to normal in this seventeenth episode entitled Wicked Little Town, now close to the date of the diploma, Jughead and Archie are more committed than ever to meet the strict deadlines of the study, and Kevin, instead, is committed to organizing the annual talent show after the “flasks” of the musicals of the previous years.

When, however, the president Honey prohibits the same Kevin to perform on a song from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the guy cashing in on the solidarity of the whole school.

The situation is a powder keg, and, in fact, the tension breaks out between Archie and Veronica is worried about the condition of the father, and also between Jughead and Betty, who discovers that He is viewing the new video cassettes that are delivered to the residents of Riverdale instead of studying.

In this climate of uncertainty are Archie and Betty to come...

When Honey cancel the talent show, Veronica offers The Bonne Nuit as an alternative location but the final performance of our four star will be charged with tension and the looks speak for themselves.

Before the long break, Riverdale had finally started to accumulate inertia in the positive thanks to the resolution with the attached and need to spiegone of the mysteries related to the Stonewall Prep and the return of some secondary characters, on rails narratively more concrete and fruitful.

With this Wicked Little Town the risk was to stop this inertia thing, which fortunately is not the case even if the traditional musical episode that marks the series may not be in the ropes – pardon the joke – of all.

And yet the episode works fairly back straight on the themes of diversity and inclusion is always treated with sensitivity, firmness, and intelligence from the series, but while also focusing on the four protagonists and their plot that erupts again and loudly this time, after the deception of the last episodes in which Archie and Betty from the actors in the help of Jughead is turning into unwitting prisoners.

Would this perhaps to carry forward the last part of this fourth season, but instead is also reintroduced to the mystery of the videotapes, the only really throws himself into the fray of the narrative strands and never developed properly.

With regards to selecting the musical, Wicked Little Town is pleasant not only because the songs range from a series of arrangements of glam/punk steps more audible but also because it manages to make organic musical moments that become, especially in the final, an integral part of the narrative thing, for example, was definitely missed in the musical episode last season.

Ironically, the episode could very well serve as the season finale even though there are still 5 episodes: Riverdale will return to screens on April 29, even if you don't know yet if it will be possible to film the missing episodes.

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