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Published on Mar 15, 2020


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Riverdale finished the slow but inexorable building of this sleepy Fourth Season upside down with a crazy twist-the cards on the table.

Jughead is dead... but not too much. The whole town of Riverdale, in fact, has participated in an incredible staging that Brett, Donna and all involved members of the Stonewall Prep fall into a glaring trap, thus lowering the guard, unsure of the success of their plan.

The suspicions of the Woman, the last to remain is still doubtful, were definitely blown away when Archie, Betty and Veronica had put in place the scripted final: Archie and Betty together, and the resulting betrayal of Veronica.

This huge counter-plot was used primarily to gain time to Jughead in the first place, hidden in a bunker in the woods, and then of all the actors involved to put the clues and the evidence gathered against the Stonewall Prep that culminate with the discovery of some important information about the identity of the Woman.

From here starts the episode this week titled The Locked Room. While the city continues the mass in the scene, Jughead finally manages to get the full picture of the situation and prepare for his triumphant return to the scene.

The stage will, of course, the Stonewall Prep where the conspiracy is being dismantled piece by piece.

Not only Brett and Woman, but also mr. DuPont is responsible for crimes that have their roots both in the history of the prestigious school in franchises of Baxter Brothers.

Everything crumbles under the accurate shots of the Jug, including the school, now there remains one last box to be marked for Betty... on a Woman!

The Locked Room is an episode that is just a corollary to the climax of the last episodes. Yes, he is a long time “spiegone”, but definitely necessary for a season that has seen far too often the plot and the screenplay coil in a compulsive self-searching of the twist perfect only arrived last week, and in the simplest manner conceivable.

After the influences lynchiane, this episode rips off a page – sorry for the jokes – from the classic murder mystery the Agatha Christie in which giganteggiare are the oratorical skills of a Cole Sprouse real driving force of the episode.

The pace is good, the director only needs to peel off at the appropriate time, and in this way the viewer is able to have a clearer picture of all the events at least of this, that is, in fact, was the narrative in the main, and that has concrete overshadowed the others that have definitely made outlet in the course of the season, resulting in sometimes jerky and redundant.

Not wanting to give almost never as a point of reference, only one antagonist in pay, albeit only in this episode, moving on the chessboard for the last two pieces: DuPont and Woman.

The conclusion of the episode, which of course leaves the doubt on the rapprochement between Archie and Betty, it has the taste of the end of the season though with a nice run of episodes is still available.

Interesting this choice mainly because Riverdale is not only you would be stopped until the 8th of April but as of now its production is stop, as well as that of most of the TV series because of the Coronavirus, and it is not known when and if it resumes.

We'll see what there is in store for this final Fourth Season.

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