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Published on Mar 07, 2020


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Riverdale has definitely reached its climax. The sequences in prolessi in fact, you are overlapping the events of the present: Jughead is dead.

But it was really Betty, handled by Brett and Woman, to kill the guy, or it's all part of an incredible conspiracy, a twisted game set up by a group of children are spoiled and bored?

Obviously, this is the opinion of Betty, who has so far been covered and assisted by Archie and Veronica, which, because of their personal problems, they definitely started to waver in the belief that there are still uncertain in the story of the friend.

With the news of admission at Yale, Betty, because of the place leaving you free from Jughead, again the episode of this seventh titled To Die For.

Betty is not the only intent to investigate to prove his innocence, she is, in fact, you add FP Jones wants to find the culprit of the murder of his son. When a visit to Brett and Woman, however, it directs again on Archie, Betty and Veronica, the three seem to be on the verge of losing fortunately, however, the misdirection made, thanks to Charles and earns them a bit of precious time.

Donna and Brett decide then to use another approach and try to spread the word that, in reality, Jughead is still alive!

This is the shot that puts a strain on Betty, who gives in under the pressure of public opinion, and with her surprise... Archie! Their sudden approach to get upset of course, Veronica.

But not everything is as it seems, it is only to gain time and ground against the Woman, and Brett.

To Die For is one of the best if not the best of this sleepy Fourth Season of Riverdale.

Which is not free from defects, including any step is redundant and a rhythm that is anything but sustained, the episode manages to build a palpable tension for all of about 45 minutes duration, thanks to a script chiseled to perfection by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in a state of grace, and directed with simple but effective solutions amplifies the sense of uncertainty, which leads up to the denouement of the final minutes.

Riverdale goes ideally back to its origins among the influences lynchiane – the first part of the episode is a version of teen clips from Twin Peaks, also because of the role of the sheriff FP Jones – and meta narrative that draws from the material comics original and the idea is simple and compelling, to make the couple, Archie and Betty.

But as they say in these cases “nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”, not only because of what we have seen reveals a complicated plot involving the whole city, but also because it seems to reveal, again, who is really the true antagonist of this season, a figure that has often changed depistando the viewer, not always with satisfactory results.

If so, we hope we have found the true antagonist, it remains now to ascertain what are its motivations and, in this sense, the run of the final episodes should work in order not to lose good in this episode.

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