Riverdale 4×14 – How to Get Away with Murder | Review


Published on Feb 29, 2020


The episode of the last week of Riverdale – our review HERE – had resulted in a tense way at the climax of a sudden this Fourth Season, by overlaying the time-line in mind with the sinister sequences in prolessi that we had announced in the course of past episodes, the death of Jughead.

In an incredible chain of events Brett and Woman were able to manipulate Betty who, enabled by the secret word obtained from Evelyn Neverever, triggered her murderous rage on the victim Jughead.

Veronica and Archie had in fact found the lifeless body of his friend, and Betty with a large rock, bloodied in his hand.

From here starts the episode of this week titled, emphatically, How to Get Away with Murder.

Convinced of the innocence of Betty, the three decide to cover each other, but their pact and it soon starts to falter because of the pressure of external factors, such as the state of health of Hiram Lodge, and some of the confessions of the mother of Archie.

Betty is keen to prove his innocence and find the real killers as to become almost obsessed, and, though her half-brother Charles, soon the circle began to tighten around her and his friends. Jughead is missing far too long and now even the police, in the person of FP, Jones, investigate.

Soon the whole thing turns into a war of nerves between the three of them, and Brett and Woman who always seem to be a step forward. While Betty opts for an extreme move, Archie and Veronica seem to be in the process of surrender.

After reaching the climax, Riverdale, return of territories, narratively speaking, already beaten by crafting an episode solid but a bit flat.

How to Get Away with Murder puts you at the center of the attention of the viewer Betty, of course, with a fair trial actor Lili Reinhart, who alone holds the wire of an episode that registicamente is a bit erratic, struggling to find that rhythm and continuity.

The formula mystery/thriller makes the tension of the episode is palpable, but all too often it is interrupted by narrative strands secondary that could easily be put aside.

The episode has the steps that are definitely the best when Betty is contrasted with the doubt, always the most practical of Veronica and Archie, creating, in the end of the episode, an explosive situation in the three – Betty, Donna and Brett and Archie and Veronica, in fact – that could be mature, dynamic and interesting for the final phase of this Fourth Season.

If with fatigue in the last episode, showrunner, and writers had tried to finally make concrete a series of ideas and narrative strands are left open throughout the course of the year, How to Get Away with Murder, it also highlights the difficulty of making them, not so much organic as credible, if not with solutions that are often cumbersome – see the hypnosis – which lead to a loss of immediacy to the series.

At this point, it seems clear that the next few episodes, two to be exact, will be used to baste this new scenario will then be the theatre of the end of the season with the last run of episodes that will start in the beginning of April.

It remains a fact that Riverdale still struggling too.

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