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Published on Feb 14, 2020


In the episode of the last week of Riverdale – our review HERE – we had left Archie struggles with the difficult cohabitation with his uncle, who, after the ennessimo mess, he decided to leave the city while and Veronica, after learning she was accepted to the college, he also discovered that his father was seriously ill.

Not have fared better Betty and Jughead who, wishing more than ever to debride the coil of the Stonewall Prep, had sought to discredit in the first place Bret by his collection of recordings incriminating in any way related to the conspiracy being linked to the death of Chipping among other things.

The consequences of the incursion of Betty in the inner sanctum of the secret society of the Stonewall Prep is the immediate state of a charge of Jughead, which is also terminated the contract for the books of the Baxter Brothers.

So begins this week's episode, the thirteenth, titled The Ides of March.

While Veronica tries to digest the news about the illness of the father, and also with attitudes autolesionistici, Archie is struggling to follow the company and the gymnasium in the Dean Honey the confirmation that you will not be able to graduate with his friends.

Jughead enlists the help of Betty to fend off the allegations and not lose the contract but just when the situation seems to turn for the better, Brett is an important revelation to the Jug, forcing him to “retire” from the battle.

The four protagonists are aware that their future is nesting partly nerissime, meet for the farewell party of the Stonewall Prep where the fate of the Jughead – the one of the sequences in prolessi – seems to be fulfilled always with the hand of the students of the Stonewall and to the detriment of Betty...

Does not feel fatigue, with this episode that I reach for the broken of the headphone enough, Riverdale, reaches its climax just before the spring break of two weeks – the next episode will in fact air on February 26.

For climax by this, we mean the overlap between the present and the sequences in prolessi that have made a thread so far as it legitimises the attempt to “dry out” and realize a series of narrative strands that were more or less profitable.

In this sense, the episode moves safe, although perhaps a little too outside the box, on two big binary narrative parallel that converge in the end. From one side, Archie and Veronica, and the other, of course, Jughead and Betty, the lowest common denominator, the future is uncertain with the approach of the diploma.

The element of “distraction” is represented by the return, in a very sly, of the sub-plot linked to Betty and Edgar and his alleged gene of a serial killer. Choice, in hindsight, obvious but effective at this point of the season.

Nine episodes at the end could be enough to revive the fortunes of a season that so far has not shone, and offered only small peaks of interest and attention also from the point of view purely technical and script elements that had helped a lot in the past season, even in moments of tired of the whole physiological.

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