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Published on Dec 12, 2019


Riverdale comes to its christmas break, the fort of what is one of the episodes the best of this so far live coverage of the fourth season, or that last week – our review HERE.

In the city were resumed shipments of the famous videotapes containing hours of material of the housing, this stress factor was also added to the one related to the letters of admission to the college senior had began to receive. Having between the hands a powder keg ready to explode the dean had asked the psychologist at the school, Ms Burble, to be available to all.

The protagonists were then the protagonists of a slow but inexorable carousel. Betty and her mother had clashed on the refusal of Yale, Archie had confessed his obsession for the vigilantismo, to ensure that the town is a safe place for all, while Cheryl had confessed to speak with the dead brother not having processed all the grief.

Even the Jug, which technically was not a student at Riverdale High, was finished in front of Ms Burble in-depth analysis of the oddities of the Stonewall.

The only one that seemed to have gotten a positive response from the college was Veronica, who is admitted to Harvard, had discovered the hand of the father, by challenging him on his new ground: the business of rum.

In Tangerine you back straight on the various narrative strands placed temporarily suspended last week.

Veronica is impelagata in the new struggle against the father who has withdrawn to his local license to sell alcohol by the closure. So as Archie, in that against the family of Dodger: to help us think FP in exchange for a promise to hang the costume of the vigilante to the nail. A punitive expedition is expensive FP that is wounded, but much more to Archie who is caught by her young students in a moment of fury.

Betty is visiting the sister, who is in the grip of a raptus, he assaulted a nurse and discovering that the influence of Edgar on his family is much more devious than she had imagined. Jughead tracks in the meantime the grandfather discovering some sensational details about the first story of the Baxter Brothers.

Tangerine appears to be the most classic episodes of pass or better in this case as the episode that makes the point of the situation before a long pause.

The first part of the episode travels in this direction, moving on the safe tracks of the narrative strands in parallel of the four protagonists that, once again, interact very little in the course of the episode.

At the half, however, the script looks for the stroke effect with a couple of events that give the right shock to the episode but unfortunately they are exploited to the hilt and made to pass quickly into the background, giving space to their withering consequences.

It is not enough finally, the short sequence prolessi – with Betty the protagonist in spite of himself – to revive the fortunes of an episode that reaches yes the enough, but that could certainly be better exploited.

And it is perhaps in this “haste” that the episode contains a bit’ the best but mostly the worst of a season that has yet to find the right quadrature and, in fact, still struggling to take off. By contrast there is to say that, however, the episode recovers a bit of that taste to be exaggerated and far-fetched – see the story of Betty and Jughead – have represented in the past seasons the peculiarities of the series.

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